Placement for Classes

Find the right math class for you

Creating your first quarter class schedule is important to your success. Take the Math Directed Self-Placement (DSP) for the college you plan to attend. This will help your academic advisor guide you in creating your fall class schedule.

Seattle Promise applicants: If you received an email indicating that you need to complete math placement, please follow the instructions below, or contact your outreach specialist. The placement survey is online, and you can choose the day and time to take it. It should take 20-30 minutes to complete.

Math Placement Instructions

Math Directed Self-Placement is an alternative to standardized placement processes for math placement. Our Math DSP tool is designed to help students determine which math level is right for them. The tool is not timed or graded. 

Math DSP is not a test - it is a tool that can help you figure out which math class you should take as you start your journey at Seattle Colleges. The tool will not tell you what class(es) to choose or register you in class. It will guide you through examples of math problems that you might see in different classes. You’ll be asked to rate your confidence in solving them. Based on your answers, DSP will suggest classes to you.

After you have these suggestions, you can choose courses on your own or speak with an advisor. Our advising team can help make sure the class is appropriate for you based on the results, your program of study, and anything else that might play into your decision.

Ultimately, YOU will decide where to start on the math pathway and your decision is supported at all three of the Seattle Colleges. After you finish the DSP, you will receive an email confirmation with details on how to register or how to meet with your advisor. 

Complete the Math DSP here: Seattle Colleges Math Directed Self Placement.

English Placement

If you need or want to take the Directed Self-Placement (DSP) at your college: 

What is a DSP? 

Directed Self-Placement is a short survey in which you answer a series of questions, look at readings and student writing samples, and determine for yourself which English class works for you right now.  

Can I retake the DSP if I am unhappy with my results? 

Yes. If you would like to retake the DSP, you would simply need to start the questionnaire over. 

More Placement Information

Visit your college placement pages for more information and instruction.