Placement for Classes

Find the Right Class for You

Creating your first quarter college class schedule is important to your success.  
Start by taking a short survey through our Directed Self-Placement (DSP) tools to help determine which Math and English classes are right for you. This will also aid your academic advisor in creating your fall class schedule.

How it Works

DSP tools will guide you through math and English problems and you’ll be asked to rate your confidence in solving them. Based on your answers, DSP results will suggest the most suitable math and English courses based on your skills and goals. At the end, the choice is up to you: use the DSP feedback combined with what you know about your skills to choose the best starting English or math placement for you. 

How to Get Started

Plan to spend about 30 minutes to complete each DSP survey.

  • You’ll need your ctcLink id and a strong internet connection—we recommend using a desktop, laptop, or tablet—and have some paper, pencil and a basic calculator.
  • You can save your results and return to it later if you want, and you can retake the DSP by starting the questionnaire over.
  • The DSP is free and you will not need a payment method.

Take the Directed Self Placement (DSP)

When you’re ready to take the DSP, make sure you’re using the Official DSP and not the TEST DSP tool. The TEST DSP will not save your scores for placement. 

Visit your college placement pages to take the DSP and for more information and instruction.