Basic and Transitional Studies

Basic and Transitional Studies offers a variety of programs to help learners of all levels, providing the education needed to prepare for college and career readiness.

Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes are for adults who already know English but wish to improve their basic reading, writing, and math skills. Students can start at a level matching their current skills and progress at their own pace. Classes in basic math, reading, writing, and communication skills are designed to help adults become more self-sufficient, improve their job prospects, prepare for the high school equivalency options, such as General Education Development (GED), or qualify for entry into post-secondary education programs. Course descriptions are listed under ABE. Classes are non-credit. Tuition is low, currently $25 per quarter (subject to change).

English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, (levels 2-4 at North) (1-5 at Central and South), are offered to help non-native speakers communicate in English and increase their understanding of American culture. Conversation, pronunciation, reading, writing, and grammar are taught through topics important to adult students. These non-credit courses cost $25 per quarter tuition (subject to change). Course descriptions are found under ESL. When students test high enough, they can move on to Advanced ESL (ESL 093-099), which concentrate on college-preparation skills. Tuition is low, currently $25 per quarter (subject to change).

NOTE: International Students should take ESL classes through International Programs.

Developmental Education: Pre-College English, Mathematics and Human Development Courses

Many students entering college or returning after some time away from studies need additional work to prepare for college-level courses. Placement is determined by performance on placement tests. For further information contact the program advisors:

  • Central: 206.934.4180
  • North: 206.934.7303
  • South: 206.934.5363