Student Support

Instructional Support

For instructional support, please contact your instructor directly:

  • Attendance concerns
  • Questions about grades
  • Extension requests
  • Quiz reset / retake
  • Broken content links
  • Where to find my feedback

Don't know your instructor's contact information? Find it in our Districtwide directory.

Technical Support

For technical support, please contact our Support Team by emailing Technical support includes:

  • Issues with logging in.
  • Courses not showing up in the course list.
  • Updating your profile.
  • Password issues, etc.


Are you a new student who would like to learn how to use our system to register for classes or an existing student who would like a refresher? Join us for this short 30-minute workshop, which will provide you with a tour of how to log in, navigate, and register for classes. We’ll also provide resource information for students needing additional help.

For these sessions, we will use Zoom as our web conferencing tool (Download the Zoom App or Update your existing Zoom App). You can learn more about how to setup and use Zoom by visiting their Support Portal. We recommend checking this out beforehand and logging into the Test room to ensure your equipment is working.  It has been our experience that we have a better connection and experience if you connect using a desktop or laptop computer with good speakers, microphone, and webcam when possible. 






Monday, February 7

10:00 AM


Thursday, February 10

2:00 PM


Tuesday, February 15

6:30 PM


Thursday, February 17

10:00 AM


Tuesday, February 22

1:00 PM


Thursday, February 24

1:00 PM


Monday, February 28

2:00 PM


Wednesday, March 2

6:30 PM



If you have any question, contact us at 206-934-4000 or elearning@seattlecolleges.du


In Support & Collaboration

-Seattle Colleges eLearning Team


If you are new to Canvas and/or Zoom, or would like a refresher, join our virtual orientation sessions below. The first part (30 minutes) will focus on navigating Canvas and the second part (30 minutes) will be for Zoom training and practicing. Also, information about ctcLink and Starfish will be presented at all three sessions occurring on September 28th, during the last 30 minutes of each presentation (11-11:30, 3-3:30 and 6-6:30).

Tuesday - 09/28


Visit us in CC 2153

  • 10:00 – 3:00 pm M-Th


Visit us in the Library/TLC

  • 8:00 – 4:30 pm Daily


Visit us in the Library

  • M-TH 9:00 – 1:00 pm 


Canvas is a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that we use to support instruction. Canvas allows instructors to upload course content to a virtual classroom where they can distribute that content to students near and far. Canvas also allows instructors to facilitate instruction through a variety of tools that encourage student-to-student, student-to-instructor, and student-to-content interactions. For example, when using Canvas, students may be asked to read articles, watch videos, submit assignments, take quizzes, participate in discussions, and complete group projects. Some of our instructors use this tool to enhance their face-to-face courses, while others use it to support their hybrid and fully online instruction.

Canvas Overview Tutorial (7:03)

200 - Canvas Overview for Students from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Profile Settings

This tutorials shows you how to update your profile and upload a picture if you'd like.

111 - User Settings & Profile Picture from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Rich Content Editor

You will constantly be asked to submit content within Canvas that requires the use of the Rich Content Editor. This video provides a tutorial of how to use the editor and goes over its features.

113 - Rich Content Editor from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.


In this class, you will have a weekly online discussion assignment. Here is the a tutorial that helps you learn how to post to the discussion and reply to peers. The most useful information in this video starts at 3 minutes and 39 seconds into the video. Feel free to forward to it before watching.

218 - Discussions from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.



You will have a weekly quiz. Occasionally, the quiz will be in class. Whether in class or from a distance, all quizzes will be completed using the Quiz feature inside our virtual classroom in Canvas. This tutorial helps you learn how to access and interact with the quiz tool inside of Canvas.

219 - Quizzes from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.



This video tutorial helps you learn how to submit assignments inside of Canvas. In this class you will submit several assignments using this featuring by uploading your work to a digital dropbox. This allows me to grade and give feedback directly in Canvas.

214 - Assignment Submissions from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.


This video tutorial helps you learn how to access the gradebook, my comments, and more.

217 - Grades from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

Mobile App

This tutorial will provide you with an introduction to using the Canvas app for iOS and Android devices. Please be advised that the Canvas app is unreliable, and many Canvas features cannot be completed through the mobile app. When possible, all course work in Canvas should be completed from a laptop or desktop machine and not the mobile app.

224 - Canvas Student App from Instructure Community on Vimeo.


Logging In

  1. Login


  2. Username: ctcLink ID (EMPLID) - (example: 101000222)

  3. Password: the password you created when you initialized your ctcLink ID (EMPLID)

    • Click the "Forgot Password?" link to retrieve or recreate your password

Example Login Screen

Image of Canvas Login Page

Get Support


  • Canvas Access 
  • Canvas Navigation 
  • Communication Tools 
  • Submitting Assignments 
  • Taking Quizzes 
  • Checking Grades  


  • Setting Up Your Account 
  • Getting Started with Zoom 
  • Joining a Session/Meeting 
  • Screen Sharing and Live Transcription 


  • General Panopto Usage 
  • Recording/Uploading a Video 
  • Saving to a Student Assignment Folder


Our Advising Centers can assist you in selecting classes based on your academic background, test scores, and educational goals. Advisors provide students with accurate and up-to-date academic information before and during registration by suggesting appropriate courses to meet academic goals as well as meeting the requirements for two-year degrees and/or transferring to a four-year institution, or preparing for one of the Seattle District Professional/Technical programs.

If you are a returning student, contact the Advising Center at your home college. If you are a new student, please contact any one of our three Advising Centers listed below.

Seattle Central College

North Seattle College
PHONE: 206.934.3658

South Seattle College
PHONE: 206.934.5387

Across Seattle Colleges, the Library, IT, and Auxiliary Teams work together to provide technology checkouts to community members. Seattle Colleges has limited availability of equipment available to loan for students, faculty, and staff use. We are constantly working to increase this availability, but please know we cannot guarantee that we can supply the equipment you request.

By borrowing equipment, you are acknowledging that you understand each of the following:

  • Equipment is to be used for Seattle Colleges' learning, teaching, or administrative work only.

  • Personal content is not to be used or stored on the equipment.

  • Equipment is loaned to students one quarter at a time, though continuing students can request a renewal.

  • Students are responsible for the prompt return of all equipment and accessories; failure to return equipment may result in loss of borrowing privileges.

Use this IT Technology Request Form to submit a request.

Someone from your home campus will contact you to let you know if we can fulfill your request, and if so, to make arrangements for pickup or delivery. If you need additional help using or purchasing technology, please contact IT by visiting or via email at

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 and newer
  • Mac OSX 10.10 and newer
  • Linux – Chrome OS
  • Mobile devices not recommended for all student functions

Computer speed & processor

  • Use a computer 5 years old or newer
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2GHz processor

Internet speed

  • Along with compatibility and Web standards, Canvas has been carefully crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments.
  • Minimum of 512kbps

Screen Readers

  • Macintosh: VoiceOver
  • PC: JAWS in FireFox
  • PC: NVDA in Firefox
  • Note: there is no screen reader support for Canvas in Chrome


  • Latest version of Chrome
  • Latest version of Firefox

Other Equipment

  • Speakers & microphone or headset with microphone
  • Webcam


Every student at Seattle Colleges has a free Microsoft Office 365 account that comes with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) for personal devices. The details of how to access this account are on our district-wide IT Services website.

Google Apps Account

Google Suite (for Education) is a collection of communication and collaboration tools. Every student at Seattle Colleges has a free Google Apps account. You can request your account by sending an email to


Many instructors will be using Zoom for live web conferencing. Zoom is a synchronous tool that allows instructors to upload slide content and interact with students in real-time. Zoom can be used directly from your browser, but we recommend downloading the Zoom Client for Meetings on your computer or the Zoom App on your phone.

Get to know Zoom

Both the Seattle Colleges Libraries and Seattle Public Library offer digital resources to students and residents. 

South Seattle Library

Seattle Public Library

E-Tutoring services are provided free of charge for all students who are currently registered at South Colleges:

The Tutoring Center at South Seattle College (SSC) provides online tutoring through its partnership with the Western e-Tutoring Consortium.