High School Programs

Want to start your college education early? High school students can take a variety of courses at Seattle Colleges for college credit. Some of these programs provide dual credit that counts for both college credit and high school credit.

American Sign Language (ASL) Consortium

The ASL Consortium's goal is to encourage continued study of ASL by offering college credit through Seattle Central College for high school students meeting the appropriate academic standards.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Dual Credit
(Formerly Tech Prep)

The CTE Dual Credit Program at Seattle Colleges allows high school students to earn college credit towards a technical career for courses taken at their own high school.

College in the High School (CHS)

The CHS program, currently offered at North Seattle College, offers an alternative to Running Start in which capable high school students may take college level courses while remaining at their high school. CHS courses are taught by selected high school teachers whose qualifications match those of Seattle Colleges faculty. Teachers deliver the course content as a part of a corresponding high school course.

Running Start

Qualified high school juniors and seniors can enroll in college courses on a tuition-free basis and receive dual high school and college credit while finishing their high school diploma.

TRIO Educational Talent Search

High school students in West Seattle can explore career options, find money for college, and develop strategies for test taking and improving study skills at South Seattle College. Contact 206.934.6401.

TRIO Upward Bound

High school students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and families where the student would be the first-generation college graduate can participate in a program to help them acquire skills to succeed in high school and gain entry to college.

High School Programs by College

Learn which high school programs are available at each of our Seattle Colleges.

Seattle Promise

Open the door to your future with up to two free years of tuition.

The Seattle Promise scholarship program provides graduating seniors from any of Seattle’s public high schools with up to two years or 90 credits of FREE in-state tuition and support services at their choice of Seattle Colleges—North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, or South Seattle College.

Take advantage of the scholarship, dive into your studies, and focus on finding an educational path that leads to a career you love.

Learn More and Apply

Seattle Promise – A partnership with Seattle Colleges, Seattle School District, and the City of Seattle to build a thriving, college-going culture, and a local workforce ready for our region’s careers.