Fall 2023 Applications

Seattle Public High Schools Class of 2023:

Step 1: Apply to Seattle Promise. The application for Fall 2023 is closed. Applications were due by Friday, February 17, 2023.

Step 2: Complete your Fall 2023 College Admissions Application (North, Central, South) by February 17, 2023.

  1. First and Last Name: Use your legal name. Make sure it is spelled correctly. 

  2. Email: Use the same email address as you used on your Seattle Promise application. 

  3. Term: Choose Fall 2023 or Summer 2023 as your start date.

  4. Program: If unsure, choose Academic.

  5. Degree or Certificate I am Seeking: If unsure, choose Academic Transfer.  

  6. SSN or ITIN: Include your Social Security number or ITIN if you have one. 

  7. Country: Choose United States. If you aren’t sure of your citizenship status, leave it blank.

Application Workshops

Learn more about Seattle Promise. Join us online at any of these application workshops. In these workshops, we will help students complete the first steps in the scholarship process. We will explain how to complete the Seattle Promise application as well as the Seattle Colleges admissions application. We will also describe the next steps in the scholarship process and answer any questions you may have.

Questions? Email


Meet the Outreach Specialist at Your High School

We're here to help with questions as you explore your college plans and apply for Seattle Promise. Visit our contact page to find the Outreach Specialist at your high school. 

Here are a few dates to keep in mind as you start to apply and prepare for college in Fall 2023.

Fall 2022/Winter 2023 APPLY
Spring/Summer 2023 PREPARE
  • Readiness Academy - May/June 2023
  • Summer Bridge - September 2023
Fall 2023 START Begin classes as a full-time college student
(12 credits) - September 2023