Bea Calma

Retention Specialist Education and Human Services, Social Sciences, Humanities and Language

Bea Calma

My name is Bea Calma and I use she/her/hers pronouns. As a first-generation college student, I am passionate about advocating for equitable education for BIPOC and historically marginalized groups through mentoring, advising, and continually creating a safe and supportive space, where I hope many students from all walks of life will find themselves motivated and inspired.

Before joining the Retention Team at Seattle Promise, I was a Program Coordinator Intern for the Seattle Promise Peer Mentor Program. I have had the pleasure of building and fostering long-term connections with peer mentors as well as Seattle Promise scholars across all three Seattle Colleges. Outside of Seattle Promise, you can find me exploring new food places and plant shops around Seattle!

As a Retention Specialist I advise Seattle Promise scholars in these Areas of Study:
•    Education and Human Services
•    Social Sciences, Humanities, and Language

My support services include:
•    Educational planning, academic advising, and degree audit evaluations
•    Transfer planning and preparation
•    Career counseling and job placement assistance
•    Funding resources and scholarship applications
•    Referrals to on-campus resources and community organizations
•    Assistance with navigating the college system

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