ctcLink Resources for Students

The basics for students to get up and running with ctcLink. Also, please refer to the menu items.

Do This First: Activate Your ctcLink Account 

You only need to do this once.
Note to new students starting Spring Quarter: If you received your ctcLink ID number via email, you still need to activate your ctcLink account.

Here is the pdf version.

If you encounter problems activating your account, contact the IT HelpDesk.

pdf version / Video Tour

NOTE: Be sure to write down your new ctcLink ID number (EMPLID) when you get it and keep it in a safe place. You will need it to login to ctcLink. 

If you forget your ctcLink ID after you activate your account, you can retrieve your credentials by entering your SID and PIN at tools.seattlecolleges.edu/Initialize/mycredential_bySID.

You may also login to https://tools.seattlecolleges.edu/ using your MySeattleColleges information (typically firstname.lastname@seattlecolleges.edu and associated password), select Get My Credentials, and find your ctcLink ID (EMPLID). The IT Helpdesk can help too.

Help Guide: What If You Forget Your ctcLink ID (EMPLID)? 

FYI: Student Tech Tools: ctcLink, Canvas, Starfish, MyNorth/Central/South: A Guide.

Tips for Known Issues

Some students are encountering issues in ctcLink. Below are some solutions you can try.

Class Schedule

Note: the class schedule for Summer and Fall Quarters is now available for viewing in ctcLink. Access the class schedule from your college's main website menu under "Enrollment & Funding" then select "Class Schedule". Refer to this graphic.

Navigating ctcLink Mobile (HighPoint)

Note: You MUST activate your ctcLink account using the instructions above before using the mobile app or its web-based version. Please see the account activation instructions above to activate your ctcLink account.

One exciting feature of ctcLink is an app you can use on your mobile devices. Search the app store (iPhone) or play store (Android) on your mobile device for “ctcLink” to download and install this free app today. After you activate your ctcLink account, you’ll be able to access ctcLink directly through your mobile device using this app. 

Note: You must activate your ctcLink account before using the mobile app or its web-based version.  

Make a Payment on your Account

Note: If you are enrolled for classes and are not seeing a charge on your account, please access your Student Homepage via the main ctcLink page rather than the mobile interface.

Navigating ctcLink (Desktop/Browser)

Reporting Time Worked by Student Employees

Student employees need to use ctcLink to report their time worked so they can get paid. Get step-by-step instructions.