ctcLink for New Employees

Seattle Colleges is in the process of developing some specific training resources geared toward new employees to help them get started with ctcLink. More information is coming soon.

Activating Your ctcLink Account

You only need to activate your account once. Remember to write down your new ctcLink ID (EMPLID).

Step-by-Step Directions (links open new tabs):

Q: I’m unable to log into ctcLink after updating my password and activating multi-factor authentication, do you have some suggestions?

A: Try clearing the history and cache of your primary browser or log out of your browser and close it, then reopen it and log it. Also try logging in to ctcLink with your new password in a different browser. 

Help Resources for Employees

  • FYI: We've developed a web page called "Employee Help Resources: In ctcLink How Do I...?" to help employees complete essential tasks in ctcLink based on your role and department.
  • The Seattle Colleges ctcLink Resource Hub contains detailed reference information, how-to guides, and related resources for staff members working with and supporting ctcLink processes. It contains both general resources and information specific to Seattle Colleges arranged by categories including: 
    • Campus Solutions (CS) – registration, enrollment, and class building
    • Financial Aid (FA) – awarding, distribution, and scholarships
    • Student Financials (SF) – cashiering, tuition/fees, third party contracts, student accounts
    • Financials and Supply Chain Management (FIN/FSCM) – account payable, accounts receivable, budgets, grants, purchasing, general ledger, and travel
    • Human Capital Management (HCM) – human resources
  • For a comprehensive, in-depth list of "how to" items, visit the SBCTC's ctcLink Reference Center.
  • The SBCTC web page Where to Find ctcLink Documents and Resources offers many additional resources.
  • Also refer to the ctcLink Updates web page for the latest information. 


ctcLink is a large system with many capabilities. As such, systemic training will be a crucial component of any employee's successful usage of ctcLink. The training  consists of the following:

  • Canvas self-paced training courses
  • Instructor-led online training
  • User-acceptance training
  • End-user training

Visit the ctcLink Training page to learn more and enroll in training courses on Canvas. 


SBCTC has developed a number of listservs offering resources and perspectives on specific areas of interest. To learn more and subscribe to any of these listservs, go to the Employee Help Resources page and scroll down to the Additional Resources section and select listservs. 

Planned Service Disruptions

There are occasional times and dates when ctcLink will be offline and unavailable for use. Planned ctcLink outages are scheduled by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges system office in Olympia and impact all colleges currently using ctcLink. They allow for software updates and upgrades to be made. 

Learn more at the State Board's ctcLink Support website. Please plan ahead for these service interruptions as you consider your activities.

Please note, these outages typically WILL NOT affect access to course materials on Canvas or services and appointments in Starfish. Canvas and Starfish are separate systems. However, if you need to reset your Canvas password, that is done via ctcLink, since Canvas uses your ctcLink ID and password.