Registration Tips for ctcLink

This page is intended to highlight some important tips that will help you get the most out of ctcLink when registering for classes. Class schedules are available at: North, Central, South.

Before you begin, we encourage you to review the help guide: How to Browse and Search for Classes.

Do I really need a permission number for every class?

There is some confusion about when students need to request permission numbers (formerly known as entry codes) because the Permission Number Box automatically appears on the registration page. You do not need a permission number for every class. We encourage you to go through the process to register for your courses, and if you need a permission number, the system will inform you after you click the Enroll Button.

Permission Numbers screen capture from ctcLink

Course permission numbers (formerly known as entry codes) will be available when registration opens and can be obtained at your college in the same way they were previously available. For more information, visit the registration website for your college:

Make sure to select the appropriate academic term.

ctcLink defaultsto the current academic term, so make sure to select the appropriate academic term in the term dropdown menu when searching for classes during registration. (Refer to Step 4 in the guide.)

screen capture of ctcLink app where you select the academic term you want

Remember to include Common Course Numbered (CCN) classes in your search.

Common Course Numbered (CCN) classes are listed as a separate subject. When searching for classes, don't forget the "&" to see all classes available in a subject. For example, you will want to search for classes in both CHEM (Chemistry) and CHEM& (Chemistry CCN). Additional examples: BUS (Business) and BUS& (Business CCN) or MUS (Music) and MUS& (Music CCN), among many others. (Refer to Step 5 in the guide.)

 arrow pointing at "Chemistry" and "Chemistry (CCN)" from web screen capture

Don't forget to uncheck the “See Open Classes Only” box.

ctcLink defaults to showing only open classes. Make sure to uncheck the “See Open Classes Only” box so you can see all classes, including those that may be closed. (Refer to Step 11 in the guide.) This is especially important if you are looking to join a waiting list for a class.

arrow pointing at "See Open Classes Only" checkbox from web screen capture

Online tutorials and step-by-step help guides on how to enroll in classes are available at the ctcLink Resources for Students web page.