ctcLink for Staff

We have launched ctcLink successfully as of Monday, February 22.  Now we need employees to focus on activating their ctcLink accounts.

We’ve developed a staggered approach for activating ctcLink user accounts. This is to avoid overwhelming our new system and to allow IT staff to focus on assisting specific groups with any technical issues that arise. 

Staff members are invited to activate their ctcLink accounts beginning Monday, February 22.  Step-by-step instructions are available on the Employee Self-Service Tutorials and Help Resources page.  

Attention, legacy system users:

  • User access to online HP-UX screens will be changed to read-only at noon on Thursday, February 18
  • You will need to be prepared to log out of the legacy HP-UX system, FAM, and Degree Audit by 3:00 pm. 
  • Access to legacy systems will return Friday morning, February 19, at 8 am. You'll have access to the same screens as befor, but it will be read-only.


ctcLink is a large system with many capabilities. As such, systemic training will be a crucial component of a successful implementation. The training will consist of the following:

  • Canvas self-paced training courses
  • Instructor-led online training
  • User-acceptance training
  • End-user training

Visit the ctcLink Training page to learn more and enroll in training courses on Canvas.

Note: We have worked with the HR team to set a schedule of employee self-service training dates with a focus on Time Reporting and Leave Requests. The trainings are broken into three separate types of sessions – Faculty, Exempt, and Classified+ Hourly. Sessions will be offered on Feb. 12, 16-20, 22-26. View the full schedule.

Help Resources for Employees

FYI: We've also developed a web page called "In ctcLink How Will I...?" to help employees complete essential tasks in ctcLink based on your role and department.

The Resources web page features helpful information about our Go-Live Support Plan, some messaging resources, and video recordings of ctcLink update information sessions.

Check out our upcoming important dates related information by at our Key Dates, Events, and Timeline page.

What are the benefits of ctcLink to me?

For many employees who work in student services, instructional support, and administration, ctcLink will mean big changes to daily work tasks. For other Staff ctcLink may simply be a new website that will help them better manage their experience as an employee. Staff will have their SID replaced by a universal ctcLink ID (sometimes referred to as the EMPLID). This one ctcLink ID will be used at all Washington Community and Technical Colleges.

What systems will be replaced by ctcLink?

If you currently do work through FAM (Financial Aid Management) and/or SMS (Student Management System) you will transition to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS). If you currently use FMS (Financial Management System) you will transition to PeopleSoft Financial Management (FM). If you currently do work through PPMS (Personnel & Payroll Management System) you will transition to PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM). If you currently do work in Canvas, 25Live, or Starfish, those systems will not be replaced by PeopleSoft, but we may change how they are used. Learn more.

Don’t currently use FAM, SMS, FMS, or PPMS to do your work? Don’t worry, we have it covered!

General employee applications, like Time & Leave Reporting (TLR) and Earnings History, will also be replaced by new PeopleSoft applications. This means that you will log in with your ctcLink ID to report leave, view your earnings, etc. In addition, once ctcLink is implemented, staff will have access to the following:

  • Self-service tools to manage personal information and other college business online
  • Consolidated payroll processing and a full suite of online HR tools and services
  • An online, integrated suite of financial tools and the ability to create automated approval workflow processes for purchasing, travel authorizations, expense reimbursements, and more
  • Student information 24/7

When will this change take place?

ctcLink is scheduled to go live for Seattle Colleges – Central, North, and South – on Monday, February 22, 2021.


We are excited about the improvements ctcLink will bring to your online experience with Seattle Colleges. We’ve created this section to update you with specific information that applies to you as employees. We invite you to click through the website and let us know what more you’d like to know. What questions do you have?