Access, Security, and Logging into Starfish

Who can use Starfish?

If you're an active Seattle Colleges student, you can use Starfish. An active student is anyone who has:

  • taken a class at Seattle Colleges (North, Central, or South) in the past 12 academic quarters (3 years) or,
  • submitted an application in the past 3 years.

If you do not meet the criteria above or applied to the colleges before March 1, 2021, you must reapply to the college.


New Students

New students must create their MySeattleColleges password using their ctcLink ID and ctcLink password.

  1. Activate your ctcLink account and set ctcLink password at
  2. Set MySeattleColleges password at the Tools page - this password expires every 120 days.



Refer to My Student Accounts: A Guide to the accounts you need as a Seattle Colleges student. 

More information and instructions are available at ctcLink Resources for Students and the MySeattleColleges Login page.


Returning Students

If you are returning after more than 12 academic quarters (3 years), you must submit a new application to the college you wish to attend. If you need to make an appointment with Advising or Financial Aid, you can contact them by phone and email to schedule an appointment or drop in during their designated drop in times (see the department websites for details). 


Logging into Starfish

Students log in using their MySeattleColleges username and password. This is the same username and password used to access campus computers and Wi-Fi and MyNorth, MyCentral, MySouth. Following is an example.

First and Last Name: Otto Bonn      
Username: Otto.Bonn      
Password: ***********


If you’re having problems logging in, please reset your password. Passwords expire every 120 days. Learn more about MySeattleColleges Login account.




How Students Access Starfish

Students can access Starfish by:

A sample view of a Student information page with various icons and an arrow pointing to the icon for Starfish, which is shaped like a star.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why can't I log in?

Common login problems:

  • Including in your username
    • Do not include this part of the email address
  • Expired MySeattleColleges passwords
    • Passwords must be updated every quarter (expires every 120 days)
    • Update your password here.
  • Internet browsers auto-filling old passwords
    • Saved login credentials must be updated in the browser’s settings
  • Not an active student. An active student has:
    • Taken a class in the past 12 academic quarters (3 years)
    • Applied to one of the Seattle Colleges in the past 3 years
    • Had their MySeattleColleges account reactivated by staff


Where do I find my ctcLink ID (student ID) and password?

  • New students can find their ctcLink ID in the college acceptance letter.
  • Students create their ctcLink password when they activate their ctcLink account. Instructions about activating your ctcLink account can be found on the ctcLink Resources for Students webpage.