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The following email message was sent to students' Seattle Colleges and personal emails (their preferred email address in ctcLink) via a To-Do task.

Greetings [Student First Name]!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new educational planning tool, Starfish Degree Planner. You can now find your education plans in Starfish and work with your academic advisor or retention specialist to create an individualized plan. Starfish Degree Planner helps make it easier to visualize the courses you should take to stay on track to achieve your educational goals.

An education plan is a planning tool. It is not an official degree audit. Final approval of degree or certificate completion resides with the credentials and evaluations office at the college.

What's changing?

  • Students will no longer use MyNorth, MyCentral, or MySouth to create education plans.
  • Student will use Starfish Degree Planner to create education plans with their academic advisor or retention specialist.


What if I already have an education plan in MyNorth, MyCentral, or MySouth?

  • Great! You can still view any education plans made before November 15, 2023 in MyNorth, MyCentral, or MySouth.
  • If you need to make changes or update your existing plan, please work with your academic advisor or retention specialist.


The Starfish website has more information, including educational planning resources and how-to videos for students. It also provides information on how to make an appointment with your advisor or retention specialist, among other things. We encourage you to check out the website and use the help resources there.

Thank you!
Your Student Success Team‌