Share Your Expertise

Join an Advisory Committee

Bring your background and experience to bear by joining one of our industry-specific Technical Advisory Committees, or TACs. These committees, which typically meet two to four times per year, ensure our programs stay relevant to the needs of industry, and allow industry experts to network and collaborate with the colleges and one another.

Visit a Class or Host a Tour

Students want to know about your work – what you do each day, what you like about your job, and what it took to get there. Speaking to a class, or inviting a class to tour your company, is one of the most impactful ways to influence a student’s career pathway.

Be a Resource for Students

Meeting with students to share your experience is one of the most rewarding ways to engage, and one of the most beneficial for our students. We can connect you with a student at an engagement level that fits your schedule, from a one-time informational interview to a more robust mentorship experience.

Contact us if you have interest in sharing your expertise in any of these ways.


"With my mentor's help I was able to survive in an educational environment that was different from what I was used to. She has been supportive through all the years I’ve been at Seattle Central and her success and love for what she does make her the great human being she is."

Jaime, Seattle Colleges student

"It has been a joy to watch Jaime grow into a self-confident young woman who persists despite challenges...We continue to meet several times a year to catch up and to celebrate her successes."

Judy, mentor