Technical Advisory Committees (TACs)

Your professional experience and insight are valuable. Share that expertise while helping us enhance our educational effectiveness and making a difference in the lives of students who want to work in your profession. Together, we can build a stronger, more skilled workforce for Seattle.

Seattle Colleges offers more than 130 professional-technical career and job training programs, that lead to certificates, apprenticeships, associate degrees,  and a number of Bachelor of Applied Science degrees.

Most of these programs have a Professional Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) composed of representatives from business, labor, and professional organizations who have expertise in the skills and competencies needed for the program.

TAC members are experts in their fields and are appointed by each program’s faculty and administrators at Seattle Central College, North Seattle College, and South Seattle College. Some members may be alumni of the college programs.

The role of TAC members is taken seriously by faculty and administrators. TAC activities focus on reviewing programs, providing recommendations, and assisting students and faculty. Committee members work as a team to set goals each year and are results-oriented. They support constructive changes within a program, generate new ideas, and serve as advocates for quality professional-technical education.

Learn more about TACs from this brochure.
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Contact us if you have interest in serving as a member of a TAC.


To learn more about all professional-technical career and job training program offerings at Seattle Colleges, please visit the College to Career website.