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See What’s Ahead for Workforce Development

There is no shortage of employer and industry events happening at our colleges. We are working to pull together a calendar of events, including Technical Advisory Committee meetings, career fairs, program design meetings, and more. Check back soon.

Rent a Meeting or Event Space

Whether you are planning a small meeting, a large conference, or something in between, we have an abundance of classroom and event space for rent as well as all the technology you’ll need and on-site catering services.

  • Our Seattle Central College is in the heart of Seattle on Capitol Hill and has classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, and more.
  • The Georgetown campus of our South Seattle College is near the airport for easy travel and is equipped to host conferences as well as smaller events.
  • The Brockey Conference Center at our South Seattle College in West Seattle can accommodate a variety of activities, including conferences and banquets.
  • Our North Seattle College is located north of the ship canal near Northgate Mall and has classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, and more. For more information, call 206.934.7704, 206.934.7702, or 206.934.5660.

Get to Know Seattle Colleges Workforce Development

View our Seattle Colleges Data Dashboard for a snapshot of the student profile as well as job placement rates and other useful information.

For a look at the supply and demand in key sectors throughout Washington state or by region, peruse the Workforce Supply and Demand Data Dashboard (links to a page of the website for the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC)).

Our Office of Corporate and Customized Training (OCCT) is a great resource for the professional development of your staff. Visit the OCCT website to read more about our customized training solutions.

You might not know that in addition to certificate programs and associate degrees, Seattle Colleges offers more than a dozen applied bachelor's degrees.