Upskill Your Workforce

Access Our Training Programs

We have over 130 training programs in just about every field you can imagine, from Computer Aided Drafting to Cisco Certification, from Supervision and Management to Surgical Technology. If it’s an in-demand field in the region, chances are we have a program for it. Within eight areas of study, we offer various certificates, apprenticeships, associate degrees, and bachelor of applied science (BAS) degrees.

Refer to our listing of programs or our College to Career online tool for more information about our program offerings. Note:“Worker Friendly” designates programs offered at times and in formats that meet the needs of working adults.

Create a Custom Training Solution

If your training needs are highly specialized or we don't have a program that addresses your company’s pain points, our Office of Corporate and Customized Training (OCCT) will work with you to build a tailored solution.

Explore Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a proven workforce training model wherein apprentices spend 70 percent of their time on-site at your company working while learning, and the other 30 percent in the classroom learning the foundational and theoretical knowledge.

Although traditionally limited to skilled-trade occupations, apprenticeships are undergoing a transformation, with opportunities emerging in industries such as IT, healthcare, cybersecurity, law, education, and more. We can help establish an apprenticeship at your company to build your pipeline of skilled workers.

Start or Use a Tuition Assistance Program

Tuition assistance benefits—wherein companies provide education and training funds for employees—are a growing method to retain staff and increase workplace satisfaction. We can help you build a tuition assistance program at your company, or set up an easy process to use an existing program at our colleges.

By supporting the professional development goals of their workforce, companies such as Starbucks, Amazon, Lowes, and others have established a win-win for the company and employee.


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