Instructional Design & Pedagogy Support

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional design is the process of creating instructional material based on the needs and processes of learning. Several models exist (for example, ADDIE) of instructional design and some instructional designers follow specific models or have their own method of instructional design. However, the typical components of this work and in most models are analysis, design/development, and evaluation.  

  • Analysis is gathering data and perspectives on learning goals and needs to create outcomes and objectives. 

  • Design/development is the process of creating instructional material and creating methods of delivery. 

  • Evaluation asks us to reflect on how successful the materials are for students and learning objectives. 

Instructional design has a long history in education rooted in cognitive and behavioral psychology (for example, Bloom's taxonomy). Instructional designers led the way in the days of early computers to bring technology into formal education. As technology and the internet became more accessible, instructional designers developed early online learning. In recent history, the field has blossomed, pushing education forward toward anti-racist models of teaching and learning.  

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What does an Instructional Designer do?  

Instructional designers aim to be your partners in creating courses and educational materials across the Seattle Colleges. While we collaborate as a district team, each instructional designer is focused on one college and can be found at that college. We aim to address the needs of the district while recognizing that each college and each instructor has unique situations and needs when it comes to teaching. Instructional designers think about all the aspects of a course and how to promote student and faculty success. This includes everything in the process of teaching and learning, from the overall course structure to delivering a specific lecture. Instructional designers can help in design, implementation, and evaluation at every level. Key aspects of what instructional designers do include: 

  • Partnership and collaboration with faculty 

  • Turning your teaching vision into reality with available resources 

  • Incorporating new pedagogical approaches and technologies with a focus on DEI and accessibility 

  • Help rethink courses and their design from a critical lens 

We are here for all your teaching needs. Our eLearning team also includes Canvas administrators, program coordinators, and instructional technologists to assist with issues outside of our instructional design expertise. 

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