District Distance Learning Committee


The DDLC is an AFT contracted committee. The contract states that the committee is to be chaired by the Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Success or their designee. The committee will plan, evaluate, review, and communicate Distance Learning issues and provide input on relevant policies. Specifically, under the direction of the Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Success (VCASS) or designees, committee members will:  

  • Attend DDLC Meetings  

  • Share campus happenings / concerns  

  • Vet New / Updated eLearning Policies & Procedures  

  • Determine plan for use of DDLC Prof Dev Funds Budget  

  • Assist in the planning of short-term and long-term eLearning priorities.  

Voting Members 

The DDLC will have the following voting members: 

  • The Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Success (VCASS) or Their Designee 

  • 3 Faculty Representatives: 1 from each of the three colleges (North, Central, and South) 

  • 1 Floating Faculty Representative  

  • 3 Instructional Designers: 1 from each of the three colleges (North, Central, and South) 

Non-Voting Members 

The DDLC will have the following non-voting members:  

  • The District Faculty Professional Development Coordinator  

Floating Faculty Representative Rotation Schedule 

The floating position is a one-year commitment and rotates based on the following schedule as of the 2020-2021 academic year 

  • 2022-2023: Central  

  • 2023-2024: North  

  • 2024-2025: South


Faculty Appointment to the DDLC is outlined by the contract and determined by AFT. There are three static positions (1 representing each college) and one floating position. Each year, faculty within the static positions work with AFT to decide whether they will continue to serve on the committee or resign their position.  

Part-Time Faculty Appointments 

When appointing a part-time faculty member to the committee, it is the responsibility of AFT and the college to determine and plan for any compensation before appointing.  


At the Spring meeting (by April 15), the current DDLC members will share their interest in continuing or stepping down from the committee for the next academic year. The Committee Chair will share this information with the colleges’ AFT presidents/representatives so they can work to identify future members prior to the end of Spring Quarter. 


Should a faculty vacancy become available during an academic year, the Committee Chairperson will notify the AFT President/Representative of the college that aligns with the vacancy. AFT will be responsible for identifying a faculty member to fill the vacancy. Admin vacancies will be filled by the eLearning department. Chairperson vacancies will be filled by the Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Success (VCASS). 

DDLC Committee Work 

It is anticipated that DDLC Committee work will take approximately 5 hours per quarter. 

  • 1 meeting per quarter  

  • Each meeting is scheduled to be 2 Hours 

  • 3 Hours per quarter between meetings to read agendas, reply to emails, etc. 

Part-Time Faculty Stipends 

AFT and Colleges should use the above workload estimate to negotiate stipends for part-time faculty representatives. It is the responsibility of the Part-Time Faculty Representatives to negotiate with AFT or their college prior to working beyond these estimated hours in order to be paid.   

DDLC Faculty Representative Work Beyond Contract / Committee 

DDLC Faculty Representatives will be asked to collaborate with the Instructional Design Team at each campus to get input from their colleagues around eLearning initiatives. It is anticipated that representatives will work an additional 10 hours each quarter outside the standard committee meeting. eLearning will pay a stipend to all faculty representatives (full and part-time) for this additional work on a quarterly basis at the current stipend rate as defined in the contract.  


These committees, to be created and implemented at each college, provide space for faculty to share ideas, give feedback on new/updated eLearning policies and procedures, hear about district-wide/college resources, share ideas, and engage with each other around eLearning design, development, and teaching strategies. 

  • Develop Local eLearning Committee and Presence 

  • Conduct Monthly eLearning Advisory Committee Meetings 

  • Conduct Faculty, Student, and Administrative Listening Sessions 

  • Co-facilitate and Support the implementation of the DDLC Prof Dev funds initiative 

  • Support facilitation and implementation of local initiatives 

  • Attend quarterly, and upon request, instructional admin meetings 


The District eLearning Department has an operational budget. The Executive Director of eLearning looks to this committee for advice on setting priorities around eLearning initiatives requiring the use of eLearning resources. 

A second professional development budget specific to eLearning, when funds are available, is provided by the district office.  

Budget Guidelines 

  • DDLC funding, program development, and distribution of DDLC grants and awards are set by the District. The administrator responsible for distance e-Learning districtwide shall work with the District Faculty Development Program Coordinator in the planning and development of faculty training and grant opportunities for distance learning. 

  • Budget amount is determined and provided by the office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Success in consultation with the Executive Director of eLearning based on current budget restraints, past utilization of funds, and articulated needs by the DDLC. 

  • Funds are annual, do not roll over, and must be spent by the end of each fiscal year: June 30; any remaining funds will be returned to the office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Success. 

  • Focus is on Professional Development & Innovation. 

  • Opportunities and purchases in alignment with PD Opportunities must benefit faculty district-wide equitably.  

  • Purchases of equipment aligned with PD and Innovations initiatives are owned by the college. 

  • The purpose of any additional funds AVAILABLE TO SUPPORT THE PURPOSE OF THE DDLC provided to the committee is determined by the funder in collaboration with the DDLC. 

  • What else should we add to this? 

Meeting Minutes 

Committee minutes, recommendations and reports of the DDLC will be sent to the District Chancellor and the AFT.