Dynamic Program Pages


The web team, in consultation with the Vice Presidents of Instruction, maintains a list of active and current programs offered at each campus. This list is available to view at the /programs page on each college website. It is important to note that Program Awards i.e. degrees, certificates etc. are nested under the primary program offerings. 

The program pages on our websites are dynamic and read data from the Academic Data Warehouse. Program Staff at each campus can have editing rights to edit some of this data. 


Editing Program Data:

The Program Overview Page is a marketing description for a set of awards offered under each program and is available to edit for people with appropriate permissions (usually the communications team) through the Drupal interface.

The remaining part of the Academic Program Pages i.e. the information specific to each Degree/Certificate is dynamic information coming in from the Academic Data Warehouse. Program Staff with appropriate permissions can edit most of this data in the back-end through the College Catalog tool within the Administration section of the inside.seattlecolleges.edu portal. 

Note: A handful of these fields need to be updated in the state inventory before showing changes on our sites, and thus are not available to edit via the inside interface. 


Program Data Field Mapping
Field as it appears on the Program Pages Attribute name in the Back-end How To Edit
Description Program Description inside.seattlecolleges.edu
Estimated Length of Completion Estimated Program Completion Time inside.seattlecolleges.edu
Program Requirements <not available in backend> contact David Stephens
Program Learning Outcomes <not available in backend> contact David Stephens
Career Info Jobs Prepared For inside.seattlecolleges.edu
Tuition & Aid Program Costs inside.seattlecolleges.edu
Day & Time Program Modalities inside.seattlecolleges.edu
Area of Study Area of Study inside.seattlecolleges.edu
Program Contact Program Contact inside.seattlecolleges.edu
Requirements Requirements contact David Stephens
Technical Specialty Courses Technical Specialty Courses contact David Stephens
Related Instruction Related Instruction contact David Stephens
Quarter-wise Sequence Program Sequence contact David Stephens
Electives Electives contact David Stephens


Drupal fields for Programs
Field Name Field Function
Program Intro Marketing description for program.
Related Links Links that show up in left sidebar.
Associated AOS Associated area of study.
Associated Certificates Associated certificates with this program.
Associated Degrees Associated degrees with this program.
Primary Degree/Cert Primary Degree/Certificate associated with this program.


Drupal fields for Degree/Certificates.
Field Name Field Function
Parent Program Parent program of this Degree/Certificate. Degree/Certificate use fields set in their parent programs for rendering other parts of the page