Important Resources

You will need the following information during your first quarter at college. Make sure to check out all of these resources before September 27. Click on the accordion box for the college you will attend.

Equity Scholarship Form

  • There is still time to fill out this form. If you didn't do this at Readiness Academy, make sure you complete this simple form by September 14 so we can award you as much scholarship money as possible. 
  • Access the Equity Scholarship Form

College Success Skills

These tips are collected from your Seattle Promise Retention Team and other Seattle Promise students.

  1. Make sure you log in to Canvas on the first day of classes (September 27). Set your alarm and don’t forget!
  2. Do you need to change your schedule during the first week of classes? Talk to your Retention Specialist first.
  3. Schedule a meeting with your Retention Specialist in November so you can register for your winter classes. Put a reminder in your phone about this now so you don't forget.
  4. Find your colleges’ tutoring page and register for a tutoring appointment around the 4th week of the quarter. You might not need it now, but you’ll be happy you did this.
  5. If you had an IEP or 504 plan in high school, make sure you have an intake appointment with Disability Services at your college so you can get the accommodations you deserve to be successful in college.

Informational Pages

Download these four important informational pages (PDF Files). Read through them, and take action on the items that apply to you. All students need to complete the items on the Set Up Important Accounts page.

Flyer - Important Accounts

Set Up Important Accounts

Flyer - Starfish

What Is Starfish?

Flyer - Disability Resources

Disability Resources

Flyer - How your scholarship works

How Your Scholarship Works

Student Technology and Tools

Make sure you have set up the following accounts before Summer Bridge in September if you haven’t done so already. Visit Student Technology Tools for all links Login
Set up your student email account and check it on a regular basis. This is the primary way we communicate with you.

  • Your college issued email account will not only keep you up-to-date on important information, it is also the login for many college applications you will access on a daily basis including computer labs, Wifi access, Microsoft Office 365 applications, making advising appointments through Starfish and more.
  • Set up your account or update your password on the MySeattleColleges Login page.

Activate ctcLink Account
Manage class registration and schedules, access the financial aid portal, update your personal information, and find transcripts and other helpful links in your student college portal. Note: You only need to do this once. If you have already activated your ctcLink account at Readiness Academy, you are already set. Learn more about using ctcLink at

Make an appointment with your retention specialist before Summer Bridge. Stay on track with your goals and get the support you need to succeed by connecting regularly.

  • Use the Starfish application to make online appointments and find your instructors, advisors, and other services that can support you while you›re a student at Seattle Colleges.
  • Make an appointment with your retention specialist:

Emergency Alerts
Sign up for emergency notifications. Both you and your family can do this.