Emergency Alerts

In case of a weather-related closure or other emergency, our emergency alerts system, known as SeattleCollegesAlerts, is the primary and official notification system used across Seattle Colleges to notify students, faculty, and staff.

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Your email address will be automatically entered into the SeattleCollegesAlerts and updated on a regularly scheduled basis. Students and staff will receive an email from SeattleCollegesAlerts with a request to register. Follow the directions in the message to confirm your contact information and choose your notification preferences.

Students will receive this message at the email address you provided when registering for classes at the Seattle Colleges. Please make sure that your email address is current in the colleges’ student information system.

Log into ctcLink to make any changes to your email, address, and phone.

Staff will receive this message at your @seattlecolleges.edu email address.

Last Updated : 2023/01/19

Email addresses are automatically updated on a regularly scheduled basis. If you don’t receive a request message, check your spam filter. If it’s not in your spam filter, you should contact Alerts@seattlecolleges.edu for assistance.

Last Updated : 2014/01/23

SeattleCollegesAlerts is the official emergency notification system used by Seattle Colleges (North Seattle, South Seattle, Seattle Central, and the Siegal Administrative Center). The district has contracted with Rave Mobile Safety to communicate with students and employees during campus emergencies that pose a safety concern for the college community.

Our Rave-based emergency system is called SeattleCollegesAlerts. Depending on circumstances, one or more of the colleges may send an alert.

Last Updated : 2020/06/01

All students and employees may opt-in to receive emergency alerts from other Seattle Colleges locations in addition to your home campus. Click Opt-In to learn how. (Note - Initial sign up for SeattleCollegesAlerts required.)

Last Updated : 2023/01/19

Emergencies are events that pose a safety risk to the campus community. For example, the most common use of SeattleCollegesAlerts will be to communicate college closures due to weather conditions. Other types of emergencies may include earthquakes or power outages or any unexpected event that poses danger or puts your safety at risk. Read more about Seattle Colleges campus closures on our emergency website.

Last Updated : 2020/06/01

No, you can’t subscribe directly. However, students have the option to include additional contact numbers and email addresses in their accounts. You can ask your student to add your contact information to his or her account on your behalf. You also can subscribe to another regional emergency communications list for schools and colleges, which is open to anyone to join: http://flashalert.net.

Last Updated : 2020/06/01

The SeattleCollegesAlerts will not charge you in any way. However, you are responsible for paying all messaging charges associated with your wireless carrier plan.

Last Updated : 2013/11/22

Use the email address and password you provided when you registered in the system at https://www.getrave.com/login/seattlecolleges.

Last Updated : 2020/06/01

You cannot opt out of emergency messages delivered to your SeattleCollegesAlerts registered email address. However, you can unsubscribe other phone and email addresses you may have added when you created your original account. You simply need to log in to SeattleCollegesAlerts and delete these phone and email addresses. However, you can opt out of text messages at any time by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787.

Last Updated : 2020/06/01

No; however, if Seattle Central is closed due to inclement weather, the Siegal Administrative Center will also be closed.

Last Updated : 2020/06/01

If you change your mobile number, please log in to the system at https://www.getrave.com/login/seattlecolleges and update your contact details. If you’ve changed providers but your number hasn’t changed, you may want to update your carrier information as well.

This step is not required. It will eventually be updated by the mobile carrier. However, this update may take a few weeks to reflect in the system. To ensure you do not miss any emergency messages, you may simply log in to the system and update your carrier information in your settings directly.

Last Updated : 2020/06/01

Our SeattleCollegesAlerts system is intended only for Seattle Colleges employees and students.

Last Updated : 2020/04/20

Text messages

Text messages will be sent to you from Rave Alert using numerical “short codes,” either 67283 or 226787. We strongly encourage you to save the number in your phone contacts list after you receive your first message. This way, in future emergencies, the message will be more recognizable as an official communication from the college. If your carrier or phone does not support short code messaging, messages you receive will appear to come from no-reply@getrave.com, which is our SeattleCollegesAlerts.

Email messages

Email messages sent from SeattleCollegesAlerts will come from one of the following email addresses:

Please be sure these email addresses are not blacklisted or blocked by your email providers.

Last Updated : 2014/01/24

We respect your privacy and will send only official SeattleCollegesAlerts emergency communications.

Last Updated : 2020/04/21

If you are able to access your SeattleCollegesAlerts account, you will find additional FAQ and information at the “Help” button at the top of your account page.

You can also send your questions to this districtwide email address: Alerts@SeattleColleges.edu

Last Updated : 2020/06/01

Email messages sent from SeattleCollegesAlerts will come from one of the following email addresses:

After you configure your alerts the first time, make sure these addresses are approved so that you receive the email and it does not go to your junk mail.

Last Updated : 2020/06/01

Rave Mobile Safety supports all U.S. mobile carriers.

Last Updated : 2023/01/19