What to Expect

Welcome to Seattle Colleges! All new Seattle Promise scholars participate in Readiness Academy as a requirement of the Seattle Promise scholarship.

At Readiness Academy, you will register for fall classes, learn exactly how your Seattle Promise scholarship funding works, meet other Seattle Promise students, and meet your Seattle Promise Retention Specialist.

You must choose one Readiness Academy session to attend. Each event is 2-2.5 hours. Students who set up their MySeattleColleges ID and activate their ctcLink account before Readiness Academy will be able to leave sooner.

The agenda for each session is:

12:45pm: Log In + Sign In

1:00pm: Welcome + Seattle Promise Requirements

1:10pm: How Your Scholarship Works

1:30pm: Advising 101

2:30pm: Register for Classes + Financial Aid Drop-In

3:30pm: Wrap Up + Check Out

Setting up your MySeattleColleges ID and activating your ctcLink account will make your Readiness Academy experience a lot smoother.

You should also add the Seattle College code to your FAFSA or WASFA. You can do this by logging in to your Student Aid Report (FAFSA) or logging in to the WASFA website and adding the code for the college you plan to attend this fall:

  • North: 009704
  • Central: 003787
  • South: 009706

Finally: You should complete the Equity Scholarship Form – this will help us award you additional scholarship funds if you’re eligible.