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Have Questions? Here's a few answers from frequently asked questions.

Yes, attendance at Readiness Academy is required for all new Seattle Promise students. If you do not attend a Readiness Academy session, you will lose Seattle Promise eligibility including the Seattle Promise scholarship and other supports.

We are offering Readiness Academy sessions at each Seattle College—North, Central, and South. You only need to attend one  session. Sign up today.

Readiness Academy sessions are offered for all Seattle Promise scholars starting in May and running into June. Select special sessions for offered for Running Start students. Each Promise scholar is required to attend one session.

A full listing of dates and times is available on our Save Your Seat webpage. Sign up for your session today.

It's easy. Check the Save Your Seat webpage for the type of session (online or in-person) and date that works best for you and then sign up using our handy form to save your seat. 

Completing these things before Readiness Academy will help your experience go smoothly:

  1. Add the Seattle College code to your FAFSA or WASFA. You can do this by logging in to your Student Aid Report (FAFSA) or logging in to the WASFA website and adding the code for the college you plan to attend this fall:
  2. Activate your MySeattleColleges account
  3. Activate your ctcLink account
  4. Complete the Equity Scholarship Form – this will help us award you additional scholarship funds if you’re eligible.


Whether you attend an in-person or online event, you will need a notebook and pen/pencil to take notes.

If you have earned college credit at a non-Seattle College (ex: Highline or Shoreline or Bellevue) or from IB or AP exams, have unofficial transcript copies/score reports with you.

Yes! We will have a Parent/Family/Supporter meeting at each event. Those meetings will offer a space for your parent/guardian/family/other support people to ask any questions they have about Seattle Promise and Seattle Colleges. This meeting is optional.

You’ll meet your Retention Specialist at Readiness Academy. This is the person who will help you register for classes and who will be your guide at Seattle Colleges. Seattle Promise students are required to meet with their Retention Specialist each quarter they’re enrolled.

These Readiness Academy dates are for students who earned credit through Running Start. These sessions are designed to help you with graduation planning and to build upon the college experience you already have. 

Before coming to your Readiness Academy event, make sure you've built your Educational Plan with the Running Start Manager at your college. You will need this to register for classes.

Readiness Academy sessions are typically offered in May/June. Click the link below for more information.

Learn more and sign up.

If you've already registered for Fall Quarter, you are still required to attend Readiness Academy. You'll be able to leave the event early if you're already registered for classes.

These on-campus Readiness Academy sessions offer students support with their transition to college. We plan to offer these session in person at each campus—North, Central, South. Students should attend the event at the college they plan to attend in the fall. You only need to attend one session.

Note: These in-person sessions will follow any state-mandated health and safety protocols that are in place at that time.

Readiness Academy sessions are typically offered in May/June. Click the link below for more information.

Learn more and sign up.