Strategic Budget Reductions and Future Planning

In light of ongoing financial uncertainty, Seattle Colleges has formed a Strategic Budget Reductions and Future Planning Task Force (SBR&FP). The group is charged with “reviewing all relevant financial data and making recommendations on reducing operational cost, raising efficiency, and identifying opportunities for future investment.” (See the chancellor's memo). This website will be used to keep the district informed and serve as a repository for meeting materials and other information. (See Resources and Documents below.)

Task Force Membership

  • Bradley Lane (co-chair)
  • Kurt Buttleman (co-chair)
  • Toni Castro
  • Julienne Degeyter
  • Johnny Dwyer
  • Cody Hiatt
  • Jim Jewell
  • D'Andre Fisher
  • Kao LéZheo
  • Scott Rixon
  • Veronica Wade
  • Annette Stofer
  • Jennifer Strother
  • Mac Writt
  • Larry Cushnie
  • Tish Lopez

Guiding Principles

  • Prioritize students and student learning.
  • Remain true to Seattle Colleges’ Strategic Plan and to our critical role in the community.
  • Prioritize equity, diversity and inclusion in discussions and when building consensus.
  • Protect Seattle Colleges’ strengths and long-term viability.
  • Comply with mandates of external agencies.
  • Fulfill contractual obligations.
  • Invest in:
    • The core of what we do: teaching and learning and critical support services.
    • Creative, entrepreneurial ways to generate opportunities and revenue.
    • Partnerships with community, business, and industry.

Resources and Documents


  • 8/13/20 Seattle Colleges' Response to Letter from AFT Seattle Local 1789: Budget Decisions
  • 8/6/20 Letter from AFT Seattle Local 1789: Budget Decisions