FY 20-21 Personnel Information

Confronted with projected budget shortfalls and financial uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chancellor’s Executive Cabinet (CEC) has taken several immediate actions, including charging a Strategic Budget Reduction and Future Planning Task Force with making recommendations for high-level budget reduction strategies. Each of the colleges and the district office will begin to undertake budget reduction processes in order to submit a balanced FY 2020-2021 budget for adoption by the Board of Trustees in October. Decisions on any actions are made using a set of guiding principles that give priority to protecting students and leading with racial equity.
(Refer to Strategic Budget Reduction and Future Planning).

Additionally, CEC has initiated the following actions:

Voluntary Retirement or Separation

Offer voluntary early retirement or separation incentives for exempt and faculty employees.


Implement district-wide mandatory furloughs for employees (except positions that are majority grant funded) - Friday, July 17; Friday, July 24;  Friday, August 21; and Wednesday, November 25. Furlough days will be implemented following the Collective Bargaining Agreements where appropriate.

Reductions in Hours & Layoffs

A small number of employees working in specific self-sustaining programs have been notified of more significant impacts to their positions: 

  • These employees' weekly work will be reduced to 20 hours for the remaining weeks in July (so they may apply for state SharedWork benefits). 
  • Portions of staff will be laid off temporarily (up to 90 days) beginning in August; 
  • Portions of staff will be permanently laid off beginning in August. Layoffs will follow the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Additional Information

SharedWork Program

Seattle Colleges has been approved for the state’s SharedWork Program. This will allow employees to be compensated by unemployment benefits for their furlough time, whether a full or partial week. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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