Personal Safety Tips

Following are some basic personal safety tips.

  • Familiarize yourself with your campus and identify the emergency systems available, such as call buttons.
  • Never walk alone at night, especially in dark areas or areas without streetlights.
  • Consider taking a self-defense course or carrying pepper spray and/or a whistle.
  • Avoid becoming under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This can hamper your judgment and awareness and make you vulnerable to sexual predators and thieves.
  • Tell friends or family where you are going, especially at night, and go with a trusted friend.
  • Avoid losing awareness of your surroundings due to a focus on technology.
  • Always lock your doors, especially when you’re alone or asleep.
  • If you post where you are on social media, do it after you have left so you do not alert potential predators of your location.
  • Be sure to ask for consent clearly and honor the person’s response before you become intimate with someone.