For Employers

We’re making education more accessible for your workers to further their education and advance their careers. Classes and programs are available at night, on weekends, and online. We support your commitment to the development of your workforce, and we can provide tools and resources to your employees such as:

Single Point of Contact for Advising and Enrollment

Speaking to many departments on campus can be time consuming and confusing. Our navigators walk working students through the process.

On-Site College Navigation

Getting to campus for initial information can be a barrier. Through coordination with your key contacts, we can bring a college navigator to your site to be available to employees before work, at breaks or lunch, or after work.

Tuition Resources

Many sources exist for college tuition. Our navigators will help students explore the variety of available tuition resources.

Support During School

Busy working adults can find it challenging to stick with school and complete a program. Our navigators are available to help working students overcome roadblocks as they arise.

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