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Project Baldwin is open to any Seattle Colleges student attending at least half time and will exclude no one based on either race or gender, though it aims to attract male students from the Black, Latinx, Native American, and Asian Pacific Islander communities where there is a history of struggle with college persistence and completion. Our plan is to use best practices from this project along with the data and outcomes to be the driving factor to develop and implement a co-project for women of color.

Participant mentees may be in any of several study tracks, an associate degree (with or without the intent to transfer), one of the Colleges’ growing number of applied baccalaureate programs, a registered apprenticeship, or another professional credential.

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Mentors or Peer Mentors

Mentors are recruited from Seattle Colleges faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of the mentee pool and are committed to fostering students’ positive ethnic/racial identity. Preparatory work including training for mentors is oriented toward helping them cultivate three key attributes in mentees: a growth mindset, a positive racial and ethnic identity, and navigational capital, which includes goal setting and resiliency. To honor their time investment, mentors receive a stipend each quarter.

Peer mentors are recruited from continuing students early in their second year of school. Decision factors include the student’s resilience and resourcefulness in overcoming their own life obstacles; their capacity to be supportive and empathetic; and their willingness to invest time in learning the skills of effective mentoring. Peer mentors earn a stipend each quarter.

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Contribute financially to making Project Baldwin a success. Your gift could support stipends for students and/or mentors, outings and field trips that give students a new sense of career and educational possibilities, or the staff who do the everyday hard work of student and mentor recruitment and support. For information, contact

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