About Project Baldwin

Project Baldwin is a mentorship initiative at Seattle Colleges to boost completion and transfer outcomes for Black, Latinx, Native American, and Asian Pacific Islander males. These students typically complete programs at rates significantly lower than their White and Asian peers. Evidence shows that the extra support of mentoring can make a life-changing difference for all students, but especially students of color and particularly men of color.


Project Baldwin works toward these student-centered goals:

  • Build relationships and brotherhood bonds
  • Develop an educational and professional network
  • Encourage and nurture educational and career aspirations
  • Create a plan for achieving academic and career goals;
  • Increase capacity to handle life’s challenges with trauma-informed practices
  • Increase self-confidence, mental health awareness, and leadership skills

These goals are drawn from best practices, lived experiences, and successful efforts—both locally and from across the country—and aimed to counter stigmas and assumptions on campus about men of color and what they can achieve.

Partnering with College Mentorship Groups

Project Baldwin operates in partnership with student affinity groups that focus on mentorship at our colleges: 

  • North Seattle College's Bridge Builders: Brotherhood/Mentorship Initiative
  • Seattle Central College’s Fellas Fridays and Springboard8
  • South Seattle College’s South Men of Color (SMOC)

Project Baldwin provides support, funding, structure, and mentorship to these current initiatives to become more established and sustainable.

Project Baldwin supports North's Bridge Builders; Central's Fellas Fridays and Springboard 8; South's Men of Color

About James Baldwin

James Baldwin’s plays, essays, poems, and novels looked unflinchingly at the Black experience and the complexities of masculinity, sexuality, and class in American society.

Leadership and Funding

Project Baldwin Leadership Committee: 

  • Julius Lloyd, Director of Project Baldwin, Seattle Colleges
  • Mysonne Brown, Benefits Hub Coach, United Way of King County, North Seattle College
  • Dennis Coy Denman, Director for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, South Seattle College
  • D’Andre Fisher, Associate Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Seattle Colleges
  • Leon J. Haskins, Assistant Director, TRIO SSS, South Seattle College
  • Ulises Herrera, Specialist - Student Development, South Seattle College
  • Eustace Mazila, Manager, Springboard8, Seattle Central College
  • Kendy Trinh, Retention Specialist - Seattle Promise, Student Success Specialist, South Seattle College
  • Sybrina Woodson, Equity & Welcome Center Office Assistant, North Seattle College

Funding for this initiative is provided by the Seattle Colleges Foundation.


Julius Lloyd

Julius Lloyd
Director of Project Baldwin
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Some Guiding Thoughts for Project Baldwin

At Seattle Colleges' 49th Annual Community Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., special guest keynote speaker T. Elon Dancy, PhD, offered some guiding thoughts for Project Baldwin in relation to the legacy of MLK.