Corporate Partners

The following corporate partners have customized landing pages through our Office of Corporate and Customized Training. The links below provide access to employees and other stakeholders who are participating in these corporate partnership initiatives. If you would like a link to your corporate training landing page provided here, please contact us.

Boeing logoThe Boeing Company

The Boeing Company and Seattle Colleges are in partnership through the Learning Together Program. Please visit the Boeing Partnership page for more information.

Check out what others say about Corporate & Customized Training...

Bonneville Seattle logo“Seattle Colleges Corporate and Customized Training has put together several training programs for us and each time they have exceeded expectations and delivered an excellent training package. We look forward to further utilizing their experience and expertise in the future.”

Participant from Bonneville Copy Writing Workshop

Daifuku logo“Seattle Colleges customized training truly was tailored to fit our group’s needs. They worked with us on specific areas of improvement and left us with resources to continue our quest for employee improvement. Our instructor quickly recognized our level of professionalism and sense of humor – as a group. He made the learning material fun.”

Jonah Cole, Supervisor at Elite Lines Services/Daifuku Airport Technologies

Hexcel logo“Our relationship with South Seattle College is a model for public/private partnership in training and workforce development. We are working together to improve our workers and their graduates’ lives through career growth and long-term living wages.”

Dan Johnson, Human Resources Manager at Hexcel in Kent, WA

Bodypoint logo“Major breakthroughs were accomplished by Bodypoint during the LEAN process. We now have a realistic and achievable strategic business plan and are on plan year-to-date. The kaizen teams have created numerous efficiencies sufficient for Bodypoint to achieve our business plan this year. Our entire workforce has been trained in LEAN principles which will support their efforts moving forward. We have migrated from the manual, paper intensive world into the electronic age with paperless systems and forms. Our new annual pricing process standardizes channel pricing and maximizes profitability. Our internal LEAN champions will continue to drive continuous improvement throughout the organization, leading to sustainability and a healthy organization in the future.”

Susan Kost, Director of Business Operations at Bodypoint

Pacifica Marine logo“Regarding Job Skills Program grant administered by Seattle Colleges. The grant enabled workers to develop and further hone skills that will keep them in the Washington workforce… The manual will enable the training process to continue with the next group of employees and on into the future providing a strong return on the State’s investment.”

Rod Glysteen, Vice President of Operations at Pacifica Marine

Quiring Monuments logo“The ongoing Interpersonal Communications in the Workplace course changed the employee culture here at Quiring Monuments. The instructor got to know the employees and customized the curriculum to address issues specific to our company. We involved every single employee and the spirit of cooperation and teamwork has improved to the point that this is no longer the same company it was two years ago. I hear even the most skeptical employees referencing the materials they learned in the class to make better choices. There is something magical about getting employees from different departments together once a week to discuss and understand communication in every day encounters.”

April Hewitt, Controller at Quiring Monuments