Health Information Technology (Health IT)

Are you interested in IT and want to put those skills to use helping others? The certificate in Health IT will prepare you for a career as an IT professional in a medical center or hospital setting. You'll earn foundational IT skills, gain exposure to the industry standard electronic health record system, and build essential communication and customer service skills.

Cohort-based programs, such as Health IT, are programs in which you progress alongside your fellow classmates throughout your coursework. Cohort programs build community and provide you with a network of future Health IT professionals (your classmates).

What You’ll Get

We partner with hospitals and health centers across King County and Washington to prepare you for a rewarding career in Health IT.  Within just one year of training, you’ll get:

  • The Health IT certificate from Seattle Colleges, co-designed with the healthcare industry, covering foundational IT skills, customer service skills, and exposure to Epic, the leading electronic health record system in the country  
  • CompTIA A+ certification, the industry standard for establishing a career in IT and the preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles - trusted by employers around the world
  • A capstone to build hands-on experience in Health IT to add to your resume

Information about the Program

Start Date: This year's cohort of the Health IT program will begin on September 26, 2023. 

Length: 9 months (15 credits per quarter for 3 quarters).

Schedule and Modality: Courses will be offered online, with potential opportunity for hybrid formats (a combination of in-person and online). All courses will take place in the evenings so you can work, take care of your family, or engage other pursuits during the daytime hours. 

Please note: although the program coursework will be delivered virtually (online), if you are admitted to the program, you will be required to attend an in-person program orientation in mid-September at Seattle Central College’s Health Education Center. 

Location: The program is offered online through Seattle Central College.

Costs and Funding: The total cost of the program for a Washington State resident is $4,206. Several financial supports are available, including Federal Financial Aid, Workforce Funds, and a full scholarship provided by Seattle Children’s Hospital. The cost for international students will be different. International students, please contact International Programs for assistance.

Class Size: 15 – 25 students 

Program Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for program entry, though basic conversational English and basic math skills are helpful. Anyone who is a high school graduate or anyone age 18 or older can enroll.

For Additional Questions: Contact or 206-934-4347.

Quarter 1

  • BTM 111 Business Applications - 5 credits
  • IT 100 Information Technology Fundamentals - 5 credits
  • HUM& 105 Intercultural Communications - 5 credits

Quarter 2

  • IT 141 Intro to Hardware - 5 credits
  • IT 142 Into to Operating Systems - 5 credits 
  • ENGL& 101 English Composition I - 5 credits

Quarter 3

  • IT 130 Network Essentials - 5 credits
  • CMST& 101 Intro to Communications - 5 credits 
  • AHE 126 Essential Skills in Healthcare - 2 credits
  • IT 888 Epic Essentials I + Capstone I - 3 credits

Next steps 
Upon completion of the micropathway in Health IT, you have several options, including: 

  • Go straight into the Health IT workforce  
  • Continue into an associate degree and/or an applied bachelor’s in Health IT to grow your skills and earn more money and more responsibility (credits from your Health IT micropathway will count toward the associate and bachelor’s degrees)  
  • Do both at once – get a job and continue your education at the same time

We know that access to a career you love is crucial. Potential employers for graduates of the program include:

  • Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • NeighborCare Health
  • Swedish Hospitals
  • UW Medicine
  • Many more

The Health IT micropathway will help you gain access to the many career options within the Health IT field, from Health IT engineer to trainer, manager, and beyond. 

Starting salaries for these entry-level roles are typically between $50 - $60K per year, with the opportunity to earn more as you advance.

Genet G., Health IT StudentLearning new/extensive information technology material was a bit overwhelming at first, but once I immersed myself in understanding the material, with repetition, in addition to great instructors leading the way, I have been able to gain an understanding of the content and now look forward to furthering my educational endeavors in Health IT.

Throughout my term in the Health IT program, I have been enlightened by all the focused teachings from our instructors and have taken on invaluable lessons from seminar sessions that taught me the power of diligence, empathy, and attention we have to develop in order to provide outstanding IT support and resolving customer issues.

Through this program and a career in Health IT, an individual will gain understanding of where communities come from and will work to translate findings into improving medical records and health information systems, which ultimately will address discoveries and resolve the countless healthcare disparities in our society.

One should not hesitate in pursing IT because of a lack of education, but to begin this rewarding career path and look forward to continuous learning and adaptability within the field.

--Genet G., Health IT Student

Abraham S., Health IT StudentIf you want to work in healthcare but not on the clinical side or not so much medical administrative and be part of an important piece of patient care and of the direction of healthcare on a tech level, take the course and keep an open mind. I strongly encourage anyone to do it.



--Abraham S., Health IT Student


Jessica P., Health IT StudentThe program was offered with a full scholarship, which gave me a chance to go back to school and gain knowledge that would be very beneficial for my future career goals. I have an education background in public health and health related fields, and I thought that the Health IT program will further my skills and better prepare me for the workforce.

This program has helped me to prepare for the future. I have gained knowledge and skills that will allow me to better accomplish my dreams. This program has allowed me to further explore the health-related field, opening many career opportunities that were not previously available to me.

Take the opportunity. This program has been very rewarding. I have only gained from the program, whether that be knowledge or skills that will assist me, no matter where I end up with my career. This program will open new doors for you, giving you opportunities that you might have never imagined. This program will also challenge you and help you grow as an individual, surrounded by people who will support you through the journey.

--Jessica P., Health IT Student

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