Residency Forms

Submitting Your Residence Questionnaire and Supporting Documents

Carefully review the following information before submitting your documents. We ask that you provide copies of your residency questionnaire and supporting documents as we do not have printers or copy machines accessible for public use.


Important Notes and Reminders

  • All residence questionnaires and supporting documentation are due by the thirtieth (30th) calendar day of the quarter you are requesting a reclassification review.
  • Initial residence questionnaires and supporting documentation can be accepted by email or in person. If you submit the documentation in person, please do so via window #1 on the second floor of the College Center Building.
  • We may determine whether additional documentation is needed to complete your reclassification review. That information can be emailed or faxed to your campus and must be received by the last day of the quarter you are applying for a residency reclassification. Documents received after the quarter ends will mean your reclassification will occur in the following quarter.
  • Residency applications are reviewed in the order received. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to process after it is received. You will be notified by email when the review is complete or if additional information is required to complete the review.

Campus Residency Classification Officers

North Seattle College
Larry Speer, Assistant Registrar 
Enrollment Services, Room CC2356A
9600 College Way North 
Seattle, WA 98103

Seattle Central College
Marlene Enriquez-Campos, Assistant Registrar
Registration and Records, Room: 2BE1104-B8
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122

South Seattle College
Linda M. Martin, Assistant Registrar
Enrollment Services, Room: 4RS046
6000 16th Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98106