Step 4: Register

Plan your Schedule

Start by exploring the class schedule for the quarter you plan to attend. Then, log into ctcLink to register.  

Advising and Orientation

Visit with and advisor for assistance registering for classes. Attend orientation to learn more about the resources available to assist you.

North Seattle College

Seattle Central College

South Seattle College

Seattle Colleges requires official enrollment before a student may enter any class. Official enrollment is the process of registering for classes and paying tuition and fees.

Students may register for classes by using campus online services (see next accordion below) or completing an enrollment form and then paying tuition.

Seattle Colleges operates on a quarter system. The quarterly course schedules are published approximately six weeks before the start of a quarter and are available online, or they can be downloaded and printed. Registration information is provided to all new and currently enrolled students. Current students receive priority in registering.

Check the academic calendar at

Online registration via the college websites is available for students seven days a week from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Students can use online services to register/add/drop classes, get quarterly grades, look up registration appointments, check financial status, change their PIN, or pay for classes by credit card or deferred payment plan. For more registration information, visit the campus website or contact the campus Registration Office.

Registration websites can be reached by selecting a college link below:

EMAIL: Email is the primary mode of communication with students at the three colleges. These emails may include information about admissions, deadline dates, registration, waitlist status updates, dropping for nonpayment, residency, transfer credit evaluation, and graduation. Students should keep their email addresses current with their college.

Students may not attend any class unless they have officially registered and paid tuition and fees (exception: students who are enrolling using a space-available waiver.) Instructors may not allow a student to attend their class if the student’s name is not on the class roster. Students who are officially enrolled in credit classes must be in attendance or communicate with the instructor no later than the first scheduled class. Students who are absent without prior approval of the instructor or the division/department chair may be withdrawn by the college.

NOTE: Students should not assume that they have been dropped if they have not attended class on the first day; instead, they should officially drop or withdraw.

Adding Classes

After initial registration, students may add classes through the end of the 10th day of the quarter (through the eighth day in Summer Quarter). Instructor permission may be required. Students may add classes online during designated time periods, or may complete an Add/Drop form in person at the Registration Office.

NOTE: Students may petition for a late registration based on documentation demonstrating extenuating circumstances. Late registration petitions will be considered only for those students who attended classes prior to the 10th day of the quarter (eighth day for summer). A per-credit late fee will be assessed.

Dropping Classes

To drop a course, students must complete the official withdrawal procedure, as listed in the campus quarterly schedule:

  1. During the first two weeks of the quarter, or by the eighth day of Summer Quarter, students may withdraw from a class and no record of the course will appear on the transcript.
  2. From the third week through the eighth week of the quarter (the ninth day through the sixth week in Summer Quarter for regular summer courses or by the fourth day of the quarter for four-week summer courses), students may withdraw and a “W” will be recorded and will remain on the student’s transcript. After a “W” is issued, the course may be repeated only one more time.
  3. After the eighth week (sixth week for Summer Quarter), students may not officially withdraw from a class regardless of academic status.

NOTE: Students cannot officially drop a class by simply informing the instructor of the withdrawal or by ceasing to attend class. Students must complete an Add/Drop form through online services or at the Registration Office before the course withdrawal is considered official. Students should check the quarterly schedule for online service availability. Instructors have the option of issuing a failing grade to students who do not go through the official withdrawal process.

Contact Information

Students must maintain a current email address, telephone number, and mailing address with the college to receive correspondence regarding registration status, financial aid, grades, and other information.

Updates may be made through student services online at each of the college websites or at the Registration Office.