Step 1: Apply

We are excited you’ve decided to study at Seattle Colleges. To get started with the enrollment process, read the application information below.

The Seattle College District operates on an open-door admission policy (District Policy 305). Consistent with available space and resources, each campus admits those persons who:

  • Are competent to profit from the curriculum offerings of the district; and
  • Would not, by their presence or conduct, create a disruptive atmosphere within the district inconsistent with its purpose; and
  • Are 18 years of age or older; or
  • Are high school graduates; or
  • Have applied for admission under the provisions and qualifications of student enrollment options programs such as Running Start or a successor program or through other local student enrollment option programs. However, an applicant transferring from another institution of higher education who meets the above criteria but who is not in good standing at the time of his or her transfer may be conditionally admitted on a probationary status as determined by the chief administrative officer or his or her designee; or
  • Are students age 16 and over who meet the provisions of Title III of the Workforce Investment Act who may then enroll in certain adult basic education classes. Individuals admitted into such classes will be allowed to continue as long as they are able to demonstrate, through measurable academic progress, an ability to benefit from the curriculum offerings.
  • If not qualified under subsections above, has filed an appropriate written release from the public, private, or home school he or she is attending or last attended, provided they are at least 16 years of age or older.

Admissions Exception

The college does not desire to replace or duplicate the functions of the local public schools; however, persons under the age of 18 may request special admission on a course-by-course basis, provided they have attained at least high school junior standing. Criteria for granting admission are competency at an appropriate academic, artistic, and/or technical talent level and the ability to participate in an adult learning environment. Specific admissions procedures are available in the registrar’s office at each campus and at

To apply:

Additional application information is available at each of the college websites:

For those intending to transfer in credits from another college or university for evaluation, submit official copies of transcripts from any community colleges, universities, or technical schools attended.

NOTE: For some programs at Seattle Central, high school transcripts may be required.

Students may enroll at more than one of the Seattle Colleges without paying more than the maximum tuition at any one college; however, additional class or college fees may be incurred. When applying online, submit separate applications for each college.

NOTE: Financial aid recipients may receive aid through only one college. See the Financial Aid office at your home college four weeks prior to the beginning of the quarter if you plan to enroll in more than one college in the district.

Students who were not enrolled for the most recent quarter but were previously enrolled at Seattle Colleges may enroll during open registration. Students should update their address information when registering.

NOTE: Students may register with currently enrolled students if not more than three years have passed. Contact the Registration Office at your college (North, Central, South) for help or an appointment. If it has been longer than three years, you will need to complete the enrollment process for new students.

Students who were dismissed for disciplinary or academic reasons must see the vice president for Student Services.

Students who pause (drop out) for a quarter or more and are interested in graduating should be aware that they may choose to fulfill requirements in effect from an earlier catalog, provided:

  1. The vice president for Instruction agrees to the earlier requirements; or
  2. Not more than five years has elapsed since the student first enrolled under the earlier catalog; and
  3. Courses required for completion are still offered.

Students are advised that if they graduate under an earlier catalog, some current transfer requirements of four-year institutions may not be satisfied.

Your residence status is assigned when you are admitted to the college, and will determine how much tuition you will be charged each quarter. Learn more by visiting the residency website

Learn about the application process, housing, and International Student Services in the International student section of our website.