Teacher Instructions

This page provides information for teachers about the CTE Dual Credit grading process, existing articulation agreements, and other resources about Seattle Colleges.

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1. Go to www.ctesers.org.

2. Select “Teacher” box near the bottom of the page.

3. If you have used SERS before, you have an account.

4. If you are brand new to SERS, the CTE Dual Credit program administrator will create an account for you.

  • Check your school email for a message from CTESERS for account activation.
  • Students cannot register until you have activated your account.

5. Once logged on, click “Assignments” and “Class Roster/Assign Grades” at the top of the page

6. Search classes for this academic year

7. Select class

8. Input grades and indicate that class is now complete

  • Students earning a B or higher are eligible for credit.
  • Students earning less than a B should be marked as “Not Attained”.
  • Click save. You can make adjustments until the grading window closes in July.

Coming Soon: A list of the current agreements and course outcomes checklists that teachers must follow. (in PDF format)

Please note, the signature page on each of these documents has been removed for security reasons.


Coming Soon: how to request and/or renew an articulation agreement.

Until then, contact the CTE Dual Credit program for help.

Pathway Maps 

A pathway map details the equivalent dual credit college course(s) to the high school courses and offers the academic pathways available to students completing those courses should they decide to continue their education at Seattle Colleges. Pathway maps are available in PDF format on the Participating High Schools page of this website.

Learn More about Our Programs

Learn more about CTE programs at our colleges.

Learn more about Seattle Promise, the scholarship for graduating Seattle Public Schools students attending one of the Seattle Colleges.

For more information on Seattle Colleges and High School Programs, see seattlecolleges.edu/programs/high-school-programs.