Workshops and Meetings 2022

Following are the options for 25-minute workshops and districtwide meetings at Convocation 2023. Feel free to attend any you please. 

All workshops and meetings will be held in Olympic Hall, right next door to Brockey Center. 

Session 1 - 11:00-11:20 a.m.

Leadership Is Scary: Finding Your Leadership Voice
Room: OLY 200

presented by Dennis Coy Denman

“I have to say what? Is this part of my job description? What have I gotten myself into?” If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, it sounds like you’re a leader. This session talks about the scarier side(s) of leadership and what one manager did to find their leadership voice. If you are looking to grow as a leader, develop confidence, or just want to hear a funny story, this session is for you (newish professionals are especially welcome to attend).

Students and Starfish
Room: OLY 202

presented by Megan Court

This session will showcase how students can use Starfish as well as where to find existing resource guides and videos about Starfish.

Assessing Students’ Anti-Bias Skills, Knowledge, and Efficacy
Room: OLY 205

presented by Ninder Gill and Anna Saradeth

Our climate continues to highlight current and historical racial tensions that exist in our education systems. As early learning educators, we are in a unique position to directly influence young children’s anti-bias growth and development. In our workshop we will be sharing results from the second and possibly third iteration of our pre and post survey assessing the anti-bias skills, knowledge, and efficacy of first year BAS in Early Childhood Education students.

Budget On-Boarding Overview 
Room: OLY 203

Presented by Cody Hiatt

Overview of funds, chart of accounts, and ctcLink queries for viewing budgets, expenses, and funds available. 

Session 2 - 11:30-11:50 a.m.

Web-based Program Maps: Tools to Help Students Explore their Path and Navigate College  
Room: OLY 200, also available on Zoom

Presented by Vanessa Calonzo, Kate Krieg, Erin Barzen, Aimee Brown

Join Guided Pathways leads in a showcase of the new web-based transfer program maps. Learn what program maps are, how to use them with students to help them explore and navigate, and what’s next for program maps at Seattle Colleges. 

Teaching Workers’ Rights and Labor History Amidst the Current Upsurge
Room: OLY 202, also available on Zoom
Presented by Alex Bacon and James Oliveros

Many students are bringing questions related to upsurge of labor activism and strikes to the classroom. How do we take advantage of the current moment to teach about these topics? Learn from the staff at the Labor Center about curriculum and other resources available to support our students in learning their rights, labor history, and how to effectively stand up for themselves and their coworkers.

Scratching the Surface of Supporting Undocumented Students
Room: OLY 203, also available on Zoom

Presented by Claire Makins and Hansell Torres Rios

Create a welcoming environment for undocumented students on our campuses. Get tips and information about funding, support, and resources available, and share ways to continue the conversation.

Our Collective Responsibility to Charge Advancing Racial Equity for Student Success. Get Involved with EDIC Projects this Year.
Room: OLY 205, also available on Zoom

Presented by D’Andre Fisher and EDIC Team

At Seattle Colleges, in order to fully adopt and implement the SBCTC Vision Statement - to lead with racial equity - we must commit to continued development and adoption of our common understanding of equity as racial equity, diversity, and inclusion, and create institutional actions necessary to dismantle inequities within the system. Our institutional success is measured by the success of our students who face the greatest systemic barriers to completion.  

Come meet with Associate Vice Chancellor D’Andre Fisher and the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Team to hear how you can become involved in planning the EDIC Campus Climate Assessment (SB 5227, Diversity in Higher Education), be a part of Project Baldwin, our new program supporting Black and Brown male students (SB 5194, Equity and Access in Higher Education), and hear about other programs in development. We look forward to being together.

Spanish Instructors Needs and Support
Room: OLY 105

Presented by Anna Saradeth and Samantha Dolan

The Early Childhood Education Department (ECE) at North is expanding the degree and certificate course option to a ECE Bachelor’s degree pathway in Fall 2023 for the Spanish Language Immersion Program for 100+ students. The students who work full-time with children and families from all across Washington virtually taking classes. We are looking for additional instructors to collaborate with us and support students in need of additional general education courses.

Lunch Break - Noon to 1 p.m. (Brockey Center)

Session 3 - 1:00-1:20 p.m.

Executive Assistant Meet and Greet 
Room: OLY 200
Hosted by Vanessa Johnson 

This is an opportunity for Executive Assistants to meet each other in person, network, and develop a foundational support system across the district.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Seattle Promise Explained
Room: OLY 202, also available on Zoom

Presented by Melody McMillan

Are you curious about Seattle Promise? What exactly is “the promise” and how do we keep it? This lighthearted session will explain why our students need and benefit from Seattle Promise and review how the program works at our colleges.

Open Education Resources: Expanding OER across Seattle Colleges
Room: Fully Online Via Zoom (Click Here to Attend) 

Presented by Dave Ellenwood, Zola Mumford, Alyssa Jocson Porter

Open Educational Resources (OER) are helping faculty make education more affordable for students and simultaneously creating an opportunity to transform pedagogy. Join us to learn about current library-led OER initiatives across the colleges. This will largely be a space to share your experiences with OER and to learn about opportunities to collaborate with colleagues to expand the use of OER for our students.

(re)Imagine Affinity Collectives’ Spaces
Room: OLY 205, also available on Zoom

Presented by D’Andre Fisher and the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Team

(re)Imagine how do we create affinity collectives’ spaces to institutionalize funding and support Affinity Collectives: African, African American, Native American, First Nations, Alaska Native, Latinx/e, Indigenous, Native Hawaiian (Kanaka Maoli), Pacific Islander, Asian, Southeast Asian, Asian American, Indigenous Asian, West Asian, Veterans, Jewish, Muslim, LGBTQIA+, Trans, non-binary, neurodivergent and more.

Session 4 - 1:30-1:50 p.m.

Black Affinity Group: Welcome Back
Room: OLY 200, also available on Zoom

Hosted by Dennis Denman

After a year-long hiatus and a pandemic or two, the Black Affinity Group returns for Convocation 2022. We’re coming back together again to welcome new and returning employees, share updates, and get to know each other. We are a community and resource group for Black employees (faculty, staff, administrators) from across Seattle Colleges. We will continue to uplift, support, and create space for those who need it at monthly virtual meetings and/or upcoming in-person gatherings/meetings.

Performance Skills for Everyday Communication
Room: OLY 202

Presented by Monica Cortes Viharo

Communication is a 24/7 skill yet when we call it “public speaking” the act becomes a fear worse than death. Let’s demystify public speaking by framing it in terms of the communication we do every day. By employing performance skills in our everyday lives, we can build and maintain our communication muscles, so we can lean on them for even the most intimidating communication tasks (i.e. interviews, presentations, teaching, networking). In this interactive workshop, participants will use their bodies and voices to tap into their inner performer/communicator.

Resources to Discuss Equity and Social Justice in the Classroom
Room: OLY 205 

Presented by Abby Daane, Libby Schoene, Rick Downs

The workshop will inform participants of the free lessons available from the Underrepresentation Curriculum Project ( and have participants experience from the viewpoint of a student, what it is like to work through one of the lessons. 

Carbon Emissions are the Enemy — What We are Doing to Cool Things Down
Room: OLY 203, also available on Zoom

presented by Terence Hsiao and Steve Abercrombie

Learn about our efforts to reduce carbon emissions including solar and electrification projects across the district. We’ll discuss Washington state’s nation-leading Clean Building Performance Standards and how those will impact college operations. We will also highlight opportunities to connect these projects with curriculum to improve student learning. We’ll also share some ways you can do your part to keep our planet livable.