League for Innovation - 2023 Innovation of the Year Award

The League for Innovation in the Community College has selected Seattle Colleges' districtwide program Discover Seattle Colleges to receive its 2022-2023 Innovation of the Year Award

Discover Seattle Colleges is an annual districtwide recruitment campaign, piloted during the pandemic and now in its third year. The campaign includes two main weeklong activities. The first is a series of online Zoom events, organized in eight areas of study, which invites prospective students and their families as well as current students to get inspired about their future careers. Participants are welcomed by recruitment staff each night, then join breakout rooms to listen to Seattle Colleges faculty present about their programs. The following week, a series of open house events at our colleges and specialty centers kick off. Prospects from the first week and the public are invited to learn more in person and get started on their career path through campus tours; campus student services, scholarships, clubs, and employment tabling; classroom demonstrations; food; college giveaways; and more.

2023 Innovators

Seattle College employees recognized as part this award were members of the planning committee for Discover Seattle Colleges:

  • Beth Anderson, Program Administrator, Communications
  • Nicholas Anderson, Program Coordinator, Healthcare and Human Services
  • Rachel Andre, Associate Director, Workforce
  • Pablo Basilio, Client Service Manager
  • Sarah Bishop, Director, Seattle Promise
  • Aimee Brown, Director, Title II
  • Barb Childs, Executive Director, Communications and Strategic Initiatives
  • Karen DeVenaro, Director, Pre-Apprenticeship
  • Spencer Echon, Education Technologist
  • Stephanie Guy, Associate Dean, Georgetown Campus
  • Erika Guzman, Director, Learning Center
  • Yuka Hemmi, Administrative Assistant 3, Basic and Transitional Studies
  • Chelsea Hoffman, Entry Specialist, Admissions
  • Christina Hoffman, Admissions and Outreach Specialist
  • Laura Kingston, Associate Dean, Georgetown Campus
  • Shan Lackey, Transition Specialist
  • Robin Leeson, Instructional Designer
  • Bradly Lewellen, Outreach Specialist, Seattle Promise
  • Claire Makins, Manager, Transitions Center
  • Christopher Maund, Coordinator, Outreach Services
  • Michelle McBreen, Outreach Specialist, Student Services
  • Melody McMillan, Director, Academic and Student Success
  • Caroline O’Connell, JobLink College Navigator
  • Rakhee Phelps, Consultant 4, Communications
  • Adam Russell, Director, Communications
  • Susan Shanahan, Director, Enrollment Services
  • Andrea Sloan, Program Specialist 3, Workforce
  • Michael Sprouse, Director, Communications
  • Andrew Svec, Director, Internal Communications and Special Projects
  • Mikayla Swanson, Consultant 4, Communications
  • Ty Swenson, Director, Communications

The planning committee recognizes the work of many additional employees, both faculty and staff, who assisted and contributed to the success of the program across our colleges.

Award History

Established over 35 years ago, the League’s Innovation of the Year Awards were devised to recognize significant innovations at Board and Alliance member colleges. These innovations reflect significant achievements and the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded. The award honors faculty, staff, and administrators at member colleges who have created and implemented innovative programs, practices, partnerships, policies, and activities that improve the institution’s ability to serve students and the community.