2020 Lifelong Learning Awards

The Trustees' Lifelong Learning Award is given in recognition and support of the importance of continued intellectual and professional growth of all members of Seattle Colleges. Conceived as a means of rewarding excellence, its primary purpose is to encourage the faculty, staff and administrators of the college community to value and actively pursue learning for learning's sake. The award monies are intended to be used by recipients for costs associated with attendance at professional association meetings, conferences, professional development classes, college course work and similar activities that would enhance the recipient's individual, intellectual and/or professional development.

The Board of Trustees' 2020 Lifelong Learning Award winners are:

Karen Stuhldreher, FT Faculty

Karen Stuhldreher
FT Faculty
North Seattle College

Maria Ales

Maria Ales
IT Client Service Manager
Seattle Colleges

Lyanne O'Connell, Exempt

Lyanne O’Connell
Seattle Colleges Foundation