EDIC Programs, Initiatives, and Partnerships

Seattle Colleges' EDIC office works across our colleges as well as in our communities to develop and implement a number of partnerships, programs, and initiatives to advance our charge.

Programs and Initiatives

Project Baldwin
Named in honor of beloved elder James Baldwin, the celebrated American author and activist, Project Baldwin is a mentorship initiative across our three colleges to boost completion and transfer outcomes for Black, Latinx, Native American, and Asian Pacific Islander males.

Decolonizing the Curriculum
Seattle Central College is working to decolonize the curriculum. Decolonizing the curriculum involves examining the limitations and biases of the current curriculum with the goal of broadening the intellectual vision by including diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, and social perspectives. The goal is to build a system the represents and serves all students, staff, and faculty.

Indigenous Student Scholarship
in Fall 2023, North Seattle College will launch a student scholarship dedicated to supporting American Indian and Alaska Native students in their pursuit of higher education.


Urban Native Education Alliance (UNEA)
Seattle Colleges partners with the Urban Native Education Alliance to enhance and grow cultural inclusivity and Indigenous voice on the North Seattle College campus. This partnership includes support and space for the Clear Sky and Native Warrior Athletics program, in addition to other special events.

United Way of King County
This partnership between United Way of King County and Seattle Colleges allows us to offer students "wrap around" services to ensure non-academic barriers do not impede academic success. North Seattle College’s EDIC team oversees the Benefits Hub and all the additional programs to help students navigate financial challenges and find resources for basic needs while in school.

Student Mentoring Partnerships

Relationships shape the experience and outcomes of a student’s journey through higher education. Some students will find these relationships among faculty and advisors; however, many more will struggle to forge the long-lasting relationships that drive student success and open doors. The following partnerships help empower students attending Seattle Colleges to complete their education

Mentor Collective
Project Baldwin has partnered with Mentor Collective to make life-changing relationships a feature of every student’s college experience. Mentor Collective partners with forward-thinking institutions, like Seattle Colleges, that are committed to equity, inclusion, and relationship-centered education.

The Mentoring Project
The Mentoring Project pairs community volunteer mentors with 18-and-over college students from low-income backgrounds to provide guidance as they navigate their path to a college degree. Mentors are free. The partnership supports student success through e-mentoring.

The Seattle Colleges Distinguished Medal for Service and Justice

This distinguished medal recognizes and honors our communities' outstanding programs and services dedicated to the advancement of racial, social, and economic justice within our dynamic Seattle Colleges Community.  

The inaugural awards were presented to the following programs at the annual Convocation, held at the 50th Annual Community Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.
on Friday, Jan. 13, 2023.

  • LSAMP (Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation) (North)   
  • Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs (North)  
  • Academy of Rising Educators (Central)  
  • Student Support Programs (Central)  
  • Student Life Food Pantry Program (South)  
  • Wellness Center Program (South)  
  • Workforce Education Departments (districtwide)  
  • Disability/Accessibility Services Departments (districtwide)  
  • AANAPISI (Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution) Programs (districtwide)  
  • TRIO Programs (districtwide) 
  • International Programs (districtwide) 
  • Seattle Colleges Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Committee (districtwide)