Executive Search Services (RFP No. 800448)

Project Title: Executive Search Services
Bidder’s Proposal Due: December 30, 2022


The Seattle College District, hereinafter referred to as the Purchaser, is soliciting proposals to lead a search for the next Seattle College District’s Chancellor. The Seattle Colleges Board of Trustees will make the final selection of the successful search proposal for this project. 

The search consultant will conduct a survey of the college district’s community, internal and external, to help determine what traits/characteristics/abilities are required for the Chancellor position. The consultant will spend time connecting with and engaging key leaders, stakeholders and individuals, in discussions about the Seattle College District and its leadership needs. Based on the information gathered during this process, the consultant will develop and present to the Board of Trustees a profile of Chancellor leadership characteristics, requirements and qualities, developed collaboratively with the Search Advisory Committee, which will be subject to final approval by the Board of Trustees.

In collaboration with the Search Advisory Committee, the consultant will identify a pool of qualified candidates who meet the approved Chancellor leadership profile, which will be presented to the Board of Trustees. The search process conducted by the consultant will take into account the District’s values for diversity and inclusion and will yield the highest quality of qualified candidates.

The Search Advisory Committee will recommend Chancellor finalist candidates to be interviewed by the Board of Trustees from the pool. The consultant will conduct extensive reference and background checking on final candidates, and will present results to the Board. 

The process schedule/timelines developed by the Board of Trustees chair would have the new Chancellor selected in May 2023 in order to facilitate transition and orientation with the current Chancellor anticipated to begin July 2023, and be expected to fully transition September 2023. 

The period of performance of any contract awarded as a result of this solicitation is tentatively scheduled to begin on or about February 1, 2023, and be in force until execution of the new Chancellor’s contract with Seattle Colleges.

Obtaining the RFP

The full request for proposals is available for download below as a PDF.


Any questions or requests for further information must be submitted in writing no later than Wednesday, December 14, 2022, to the RFP Coordinator identified below.

Lisa Gacer
Procurement Coordinator
Telephone: (206) 934-5534

Submission Deadline

Your electronic proposal must be e-mailed to no later than Friday, December 30, 2022.

  • The Purchaser’s e-mail boxes can accept emails that total less than 30MB in size.
  • Proposers are cautioned to keep email sizes to less than 25MB to ease delivery.
  • Zipped files cannot be accepted.

Rights Reserved

The Purchaser reserves the right at its sole discretion to reject any or all responses for any reason whatsoever, prior to the execution of a contract. This solicitation for Responses does not obligate the Purchaser to contract for the services specified herein. The final selection, if any, will be the response, which in the opinion of the Purchaser, best meets the requirements set forth in the solicitation and is in the best interest of the Purchaser. 

The Purchaser is not obligated to select the lowest priced response. Therefore, the proposal should be submitted initially on the most favorable terms that the consultant can propose. There will be no best and final offer procedure. The Purchaser does reserve the right to contact a consultant for clarification of the proposal. The Purchaser shall not be responsible for any costs associated with a Respondent’s preparation of a response to this Solicitation.

None at this time.

None at this time.