Discover Seattle Colleges Lesson Plan

This lesson plan was developed for teachers to use in their classrooms. Many thanks to Linda Filley-Bentler, Career and Technical Education teacher at Chief Sealth High School, for providing this plan. 

Sample Class Assignment

Register and attend at least one of the Discover Seattle Colleges workshops.

Visit the website to sign up and receive a Zoom link to attend.

Take notes while you watch. 
Then, answer these discussion questions below: 

  1. What was the title of the workshop you attended? 

  2. Who was your favorite presenter and what did they talk about? 

  3. What did you learn from this workshop? 

  4. Are you interested in this field? If so, what particular area of study most interests you and why/ if not, why is this career area not a good fit for you?

Be ready to talk about this as a class.

Got a work or other conflict? That's Ok! Watch one of the videos from a previous workshop as an alternative way to complete this assignment.