Workforce Operational Plan

Key Objectives for 2019-2021 Include the following.

Expand Programs for Career and Technical Education (CTE) Students

A. Establish a baseline inventory of Worker-Friendly programs and develop a plan for growth

B. Prototype a Flex Model of CTE program 

C. Establish a plan for apprenticeship across the district

D. Prototype HS+3 pathway model through development of IT+3 pathway

E. Streamline and expand dual credit offerings as pathways into CTE at Seattle Colleges

Expand Supports for CTE Programs

A. Establish a mechanism to collect & report data on barriers to a) enrollment, and b) persistence

B. Streamline and expand access to funding for CTE students

C. Establish requirements and best practices for the scheduling of workforce programs

D. Increase the ratio of full-time students to part-time students for increased completion

Embed Work-Based Learning into All CTE Programs

A. Select and implement a new or updated Career Services Platform

B. Establish a baseline inventory of programs’ work-based learning offerings + make plan for growth

C. Develop and/or standardize internship program structures across the district, and convert to online formats where appropriate

D. Develop strategies to support students in career discernment

E. Systematize tracking and reporting for career-connected learning across all programs

Improve Employer Engagement

A. Establish an IT Industry Council prototype and scalable structure for replication in other sectors

B. Develop faculty training, support materials & districtwide strategies to improve advisory council/board effectiveness

C. Systematize employer engagement & engagement tracking (website & database)

D. Refresh the Workforce Training Provider Network & prototype an IT Training Ecosystem

E. Develop a district-wide plan for Perkins and Worker Retraining funding 

Grow Marketing & Communications for CTE

A. Update Education Roadmaps integrated into program maps districtwide 

B. Develop internal and external communications strategies and materials for CTE programs

C. Build a program development + change system for CTE programs to ensure program quality


Seattle Colleges Workforce Operational Plan 2019-2021
(PDF document with addition of Milestones, Leads, Key Stakeholders, Funding details)