About Sustainability

The Sustainability Department supports Seattle Colleges in advancing environmental, economic, and social vitality. This work includes initiatives to advance operational efficiency, promote sustainability in the curriculum, and plan events and outreach to engage with our campus communities districtwide.

District Sustainability Committee

Relaunching in 2024, the District Sustainability Committee will be responsible for building the vision and plan for sustainability at Seattle Colleges across operations, curriculum, and engagement. Please reach out to Carolyn Burch, sustainability manager, to learn more.

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STARS Reporting

STARS medallion for Silver rating with text: Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating SystemSeattle Colleges is a participant in the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS), a program of the Association for the Advancement of Higher Education Sustainability. Participating in STARS reflects our commitment to sustainability and transparency. 

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Seattle Colleges Sustainability Plan

The Seattle Colleges Sustainability Plan outlined the specific sustainability goals that the Colleges has committed to over the next five years. These goals represent ambitious, yet achievable targets across the entire district to ensure that our colleges exemplify sustainability and provide a world-class educational environment for students to learn about sustainability and be prepared to tackle that challenging future. The plan will be updated to align with the upcoming Seattle Colleges Strategic Plan.

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