Visual Identity

Visual identity is an important part of communicating who we are. The following information is intended to serve as a districtwide guide for employees.

Primary Color Blue

We use a specific blue to represent the three colleges and district office comprising Seattle Colleges. It is our signature color.

Seattle Colleges Blue

Pantone/PMS = 2935C
CMYK = 100, 68, 0, 2
RGB = 12, 72, 155
Hexidecimal (web) = 0c489b

Secondary Color for Each College 

Along with our signature, unifying blue, specific secondary colors help designate each college and highlight their individuality.

North Seattle College Green

Pantone/PMS = 2292C
CMYK = 50, 0, 94, 0
RGB = 149, 202, 89
Hexidecimal (web) = 95ca59

Seattle Central College Gold 

Pantone/PMS = 123C
CMYK = 0, 23, 91, 0
RGB = 255, 198, 47
Hexidecimal (web) = ffc628

South Seattle College Orange 

Pantone/PMS = 7413C
CMYK = 0, 50, 84, 0
RGB = 247, 148, 64
Hexidecimal (web) = f79440

Refer also to our color guidelines for web pages.

District and College Logos

We use four logos at Seattle Colleges: one logo for the district as a whole and one for each college (North, Central, and South). These logos follow a similar design formula, with an icon to the left and the name to the right. (Note: the images below are intended to serve as examples for illustration only. These versions of our logos are low-resolution and web-based.)

District and each college logo

The Seattle Colleges logo offers the option to include the three college names immediately below.

Seattle Colleges logo with college names below - example for visual identity page     Seattle Colleges logo with North, Central, South

Order of Colleges
When we list our three colleges, the preferred order is North, Central, South. This is intentionally a geographically ordered list, although the sequence is also alphabetical with the full names of the colleges, North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, and South Seattle College. This geographic order also applies when we list the three colleges as part of the Seattle Colleges logo (see above).

Discontinued Tagline: “One of the Seattle Colleges”
As of 2020, we have discontinued the use of the tagline “One of the Seattle Colleges”. Colleges no longer need to use this line with their individual college logos.

Brand Guide

Download Seattle College Brand Guide 

Seattle Colleges Brand Guidelines

College Mascots

For more informal occasions, each college has adopted a mascot.

North Seattle Tree Frog

Above image size 366 x 200 pixels

 Seattle Central Tiger         South Seattle Otter 

Above image size 259 x 200 pixels       Above image size 262 x 200 pixels

Follow the links below for more information about our mascots. 

Seattle Promise Brand Guidelines

These guidelines have been established to ensure the Seattle Promise program's identity and relationship to Seattle Colleges and its other education and civic partners is consistent, ensuring appropriate representation and quality for this high-profile program.

Download Seattle Promise Brand Guidelines

Seattle Promise Brand Guidelines