465.10 Administrative Functions and Duties

  • 465.10.1 Administrative functions include: responsibility and accountability for carrying out board policies relating to but not limited to, budget development and monitoring, data accumulations, scheduling, facility planning, coordination of curriculum development, recommendation, hiring and evaluation, termination of other employees, and duties and responsibilities as delegated by the Board.
  • 465.10.2 In addition to their primary assignment covering administrative responsibilities administrators may also perform other duties:
    1. Teaching Assignments: Administrators may be assigned to teaching duties by the appointing authority; however, they shall retain administrative responsibilities as their primary job assignment.
    2. Committee Work: Participation as a member of a committee is considered a regular part of the administrator's job duties. No in-service credits accrue for these assignments.
    3. Right to Hire, Direct Discipline, Dismiss: In most cases, administrators will have attendant responsibilities to hire, direct the activities of, discipline and terminate other employees, subject to the final review of the appointing authority and the Board of Trustees, as appropriate.

465.20 Examples of administrative titles include presidents, and assistants deans and associates, directors, and division and department chairpersons.

465.30 Assignment of Positions to Administrative Category

Positions shall be assigned to an administrative category in accordance with Board POLICY by the appointing authority. In making this assignment, the appointing authority shall use the administrative job code prescribed by the SBCTC for reporting purposes along with the locally approved job title.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1976/12/06
Revision Date : 1988/06/02