431.10 Reasonable opportunity will be provided for employees desiring to transfer within class, to demote voluntarily, or to move laterally to classes where they have previously attained permanent status at the institution, or equivalent classes as determined by the Human Resources officer, when:

  • 431.10.1 Action is by employee request;
  • 431.10.2 The Human Resources officer determined that the employee seeking the action is no longer able to perform in the current class due to physical or mental incapacity;
  • 431.10.3 The employee's position is being reallocated upward and the employee is not appointed to the reallocated position.

431.20 For the purpose of this procedure, the classified staff of Seattle College District are those employees at:

  1. District Office
  2. North Seattle College
  3. Seattle Central College
  4. South Seattle College
  5. Seattle Vocational Institute

431.30 Position openings will be posted in division offices at the representative will be notified of the opening at least 10 working days before the closing date.

  • 431.30.1 Employees who wish to transfer must file a "Transfer Request Card" with the SCD Human Resources Department.
    1. Transfer request cards are available from the Human Resources Department.
    2. Transfer request cards may be filed after the position has been advertised.
    3. Confidentiality will be maintained for employees filing a transfer request card.
  • 431.30.2 The job advertisement will be posted for at least 10 working days throughout the district and other designated agencies. The employee who wishes a transfer will have until the closing date, as specified in the advertisement, to apply for that position.
  • 431.30.3 All Transfer Request Cards are reviewed, and all transfer applicants who are eligible for the advertised position will be notified by the Human Resources Department
  • 431.30.4 Applicants for advertised positions will be considered (not necessarily selected) in accordance with appropriate provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.

431.40 Procedure for Voluntary Demotion

  • 431.40.1 Permanent classified employees who wish to apply for voluntary demotion and who have not held permanent status in the classification for which they are applying must complete an application and return it to the Human Resources Department by the posted deadline date of the position available.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1987/02/17
Revision Date : 2005/07/11