253.10 Suspension of Operation Prior to the Start of the Work Day

  • 253.10.1 When the suspension of operations is anticipated prior to the commencement of normal business hours, the chancellor and the presidents/vice chancellors shall consult and make a decision regarding suspension of activities prior to 5:00 a.m. The chancellor shall notify the district public information officer of the decision, and s/he shall notify all major radio and television stations. (Broadcasting of closures begin at 5:30 a.m.). The vice chancellor for business and finance shall act in the absence of the chancellor. Since conditions vary from one campus to another, suspension of operations decisions may vary. Siegal Center personnel shall follow the decision made for Seattle Central College staff. The presidents/vice chancellors shall notify their public information officers and other appropriate personnel.
  • 253.10.2 Unless the suspension announcement is broadcasted on the radio or television by 7:00 a.m., employees are expected at work.
  • 253.10.3 Essential personnel (as identified in 253.30) may be called in to work during periods of suspended operation. The district chancellor and the campus presidents/vice chancellors, and institute executive director shall determine which essential personnel will be required to work.

253.20 Suspension of Operation During the Work Day

  • 253.20.1 The district chancellor and presidents/vice chancellors shall make official the suspension of all or a portion of the District's operations when unanticipated events necessitate such action. A decision regarding evening classes shall be made by 3:00 p.m. The district chancellor shall consult with the presidents/vice chancellors of the campuses and the executive director of the institute affected by the suspension, the nature of the problem which precipitated the suspension, the effective time of the suspension and the portions of the campuses impacted.
  • 253.20.2 Each campus president/vice chancellor and institute executive director or their designee affected by the suspension of operations shall inform employees of the suspension and provide appropriate instructions. Campus presidents/vice chancellors, institute executive director, and/or district chancellor shall also determine which essential personnel (as identified in 253.30) will be required to remain on duty, what their functions will be, and how long they will remain on duty. Campus presidents/vice chancellors and institute executive director must ensure that District property is secured and that potential risk to health and property is minimized.

253.30 Essential Personnel

  • 253.30.1 "Essential personnel" are those individuals who are necessary to the safety, operation, and/or security of District property and personnel during periods of suspended operation.
  • 253.30.2 Each campus president/vice chancellor and institute executive director shall designate "essential personnel" for his/her respective campus. The district chancellor shall identify "essential personnel" for the district office. "Essential personnel" should be identified for each department/division/office and other component.
  • 253.30.3 The district chancellor and the campus presidents/vice chancellors and the institute executive director may identify additional "essential personnel" to meet specific needs during periods of suspended operations.

253.40 Resumption of Operation

The district chancellor will determine when to resume normal operations after a period of suspended operations.

  • 253.40.1 When the operations of the District or an entire campus are affected, the district chancellor or designee shall notify local radio and television stations as indicated in section 253.10.1 of the status of the suspension on a daily basis. Unless an announcement of continued suspension of operations is broadcast on the radio and/or television by 7:00 a.m., employees are expected to return to work
  • 253.40.2 When the operations of a portion of the campus or the district are suspended, the district chancellor shall notify the campus presidents/vice chancellors and institute executive director of the resumption of normal operations. The campus presidents/vice chancellors and institute executive director shall notify appropriate managers/supervisors of return to work instructions. Managers/supervisors will be responsible for notifying employees.

253.50 Classified Employees — Compensation During Periods of Suspended Operations

  • 253.50.1 If the Chief Executive Officer or designee of the institution determines that the public health, property or safety is jeopardized and it is advisable due to emergency conditions to suspend the operation of all or any portion of the institution, the following will govern classified employees:
    1. When prior notification has not been given, employees released until further notice after reporting to work, will suffer no loss in pay for the first day.
    2. The following options will be made available to the affected employees who are not required to work for the balance of the closure:
      1. Vacation leave, personal holiday; or
      2. Accrued compensatory time (where applicable); or
      3. Leave without pay.
    3. Employees required to work during the disruption will receive one and one half (1-1/2) times their regular pay for work performed during the period of suspended operation. Overtime worked during the closure will be compensated according to Article 7, Overtime, of this Agreement.
  • 253.50.2 The options listed in 253.50.1.b, above, will be made available to employees who are unable to report to work due to severe inclement weather.

253.60 Faculty and Administrators — Compensation and Instructional Calendar Adjustment During Periods of Suspended Operation.

  • 253.60.1 Faculty and administrators who are not required to work during periods of suspended operations shall have such days excluded from their annual contractual obligation.
  • 253.60.2 The district chancellor, after consultation with the SCCFT president, campus presidents/vice chancellors and SVI executive director, shall make any necessary adjustments in the instructional year calendar to accommodate the requirements of the district instructional program.

Companion Document : Pol
Adoption Date : 1987/02/17
Revision Date : 2005/07/11