Public Comment

The Seattle Colleges Board of Trustees welcomes students, employees, and community partners to address the board during the public comment period specified on the agenda. The board provides 15 minutes for public comments, which may be adjusted at the discretion of the board chair.

Each speaker has 3 minutes to address the board, and speakers are encouraged not to repeat the same issue that a previous speaker has already raised. Advanced signup for oral comments is requested by completing the short form linked on the button below:

Sign up for public comment/submit a written public comment

Additional commenters will only be called upon during the meeting as time allows. If there is not enough time for all speakers, commenters will be encouraged to submit a written statement or be put on the list for oral comments at the next public meeting.

In addition, written statements are accepted at any time. Please use the form linked above to submit a written public comment. All written statements received by noon on the Friday before the regular board of trustees meeting will be published in the public packet. Written statements received after that date and time will be added to the board packet and transmitted to the board for the following board meeting. The board functions at the policy level while daily operational matters are delegated to the district and college management team. It is, therefore, not the practice of the board to respond to specific operational issues during public comment period.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ricky Goetz
Senior Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees