Back-to-School Funding

Get money to get back to school.

Need-based and merit-based funding is available. Make 2021 your year.

Not sure where to start? 

We're here to help. Start with your college financial aid offices and explore the other options available to you.

College Financial Aid Offices

Emergency Funding

Unexpected expenses and emergencies can create barriers to remaining enrolled and completing your program of study. Awards vary depending on student need and resources available.

Veterans Benefits for Education

United States veterans, active duty, National Guard and Reserve military personnel, their spouses and dependents can access a variety of educational benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and other programs to help pay for their education.

Workforce Education Funding

You could also qualify for tuition assistance through Workforce Education funding. Workforce Education provides financial support for students who are receiving (or have exhausted) unemployment benefits, are low-income, or are receiving TANF or SNAP benefits.

Start by taking the survey at to see if you prequalify for funding. If you prequalify for funding you will be notified of the next steps you need to take to receive Workforce Education funding. Students who do not qualify for Workforce Education funding may be eligible for other financial aid programs.