345.05 Source of Funds

RCW 28B.15.502 provides for the collection of student fees to be used specifically for those activities designated as "Student Programs and Activities." The final authority for the collection and disbursement rests with the District Board of Trustees, who are authorized to set services and activities fees in an amount not to exceed that as specified by state law.

RCW 28B.15 044, RCW 28B.15.502

345.10 Budget Process

The recognized student government organization, shall develop, in cooperation with the student services administration and professional staff, procedures for budget development, composition and operating procedures of the services and activities fees committee, and all other services and activities budget matters. Such provision shall be adopted as part of the approved student government constitution for each campus and prepared for approval by the Board of Trustees.

345.15 Budget Calendar

The services and activities budget committee shall establish a budget development calendar consistent with the district budget process and the budget development calendar of each campus.

345.20 The Services and Activities Fees Committee

A yearly budget for the expenditure of services and activities fees shall be prepared, reviewed and then ultimately approved by the Board of Trustees consistent with RCW 28B.15.045, or as hereafter amended.

345.26 Budget Considerations

The following considerations are to be included in the development of budgetary methods and the implementation of those methods each year.

  • 345.26.1 Opportunities should be provided for members of the campus community to submit budget proposals to the services and activities fees committee.
  • 345.26.2 A yearly review of programs may be a regular part of the budgeting process. Funding of new programs and the termination of existing programs may occur.
  • 345.26.3 A review and refinement of the committee's recommendations will be submitted to the Associated Student Body (ASB) for recommendation to the chief student services officer.
  • 345.26.4 The chief student services officer will submit these recommendations to the chief executive officer of the College or Institute who will submit the recommendations to the Chancellor.

345.30 Budget Results

Following approval by the Board of Trustees of the services and activities fees budget, copies shall be made available by the ASB to interested parties upon request.

345.40 Budgets and Accounting

  • 345.40.1 Services & Activities fees collected, and revenues produced from service and activities fees shall be deposited with and expended through the business office of the colleges and institute.
  • 345.40.2 Funds collected and expended in conjunction with student services and activities fees are subject to the policies, regulations, and procedures of the district Board of Trustees, the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, and the Budget and Accounting Act. Service and activities fees are state monies and are subject to applicable same rules, regulations, and authority.
  • 345.40.3 In addition to service and activity fees students may conduct separate fundraising projects provided these projects are:
    1. approved by the director of student programs; and
    2. approved by the chief student services officer; and
    3. deposited into a college service and activities account; and
    4. expended only for the purposes for which the funds were specifically raised.

    The operation of bingo, raffles, and other gambling games of chance is not an authorized function of the Seattle College District.

345.45 Budget Expenditure Responsibility

The president/vice chancellor designates the administrator responsible for services and activities fees accounts. All expenditures from student activities and services budgets are subject to this administrator's approval.

345.50 Approved Programs

When authorized and approved in a manner consistent with RCW 28B.15.041, student services and activities fees revenue may be used only for student related purposes, which may include the following purposes:

  1. social events, seminars, workshops, retreats, and conferences; student government organizations; student professional and consulting fees; student clubs and societies; student musical, dramatic, artistic and forensic presentations; student publications and other mass media activities; tutorial services; child care centers and intramural sports.
  2. equipment, supplies and materials required for the operation of student programs and activities.
  3. travel and per diem for students and professional staff members participating in student programs and activities.
  4. premiums for liability and casualty insurance coverage for students serving in official capacities or participating in such programs and activities.
  5. dues for institutional membership in recognized student government activities or organizations.
  6. salaries and compensation to students.
  • 345.50.1 With appropriate approval, services and activities fee revenues may be used to acquire real property and fund capital projects and may be used as matching funds for such purposes.
  • 345.50.2 The uses of services and activities fees will vary from campus to campus and institute, as well as from any given year to another.

345.55 Restriction

  • 345.55.1 Revenue produced by charging a services and activities fee as defined and established by RCW 28B.15 shall not be expended for any cost other than the maintenance and operation of student programs and activities.
  • 345.55.2 Services and activities fees shall not be used to pay salaries of professional employees in tenurable positions and permanent classified civil service employees in positions not exclusively involved in the maintenance and operation of student programs and activities.

345.60 Exclusions

State monies generated by services and activities fees may not be expended for the purpose of providing meals, beverages, and refreshments to members of the student body or members of the public unless in compliance with state light refreshment regulations.

Adoption Date : 1984/01/09
Revision Date : 1996/05/16